A Conversational NFTRH 606 Out Now

We got brave in March, or least brave relative to the panicking herds. I personally bought the work at home software stuff, the gold miners and other items that have really ripped since the March terror. Now I am watching bottle rockets routinely go off in my accounts and I like it, but I don’t like it, if you catch my drift.

We managed the pained coming of the inflation-driven reflation bounce (and its emblem, the Silver/Gold ratio) but it’s getting too easy now. Trends in markets and indicators that were in play before the COVID crisis are still in play and they were not helpful to the reflation trades.

Be long, go to the beach, go to the re-opening bars and restaurants and most of all celebrate that jobs number that was in the bag the whole time. It’s too easy now. Hey look, maybe happy days are here again, but we were contrary bullish when it was appropriate. Now it is not appropriate.

NFTRH 606 goes conversational because our indicators and methods have worked reliably but if I am not being understood by everybody, what good is that?

nftrh 606