Finding Myself in the Mask Quagmire

Subtitled: Stick to the markets stock boy!

In response to a few emailers taking issue with my post about wearing masks here is my reply to a gentleman with whom I’ve corresponded in the past who pointed out that masks are not needed in anything other than close quartered conditions inside or in the case of age over 65, obesity and/or existing conditions. Again, I don’t wear the thing to protect myself so much as I do it to be part of a society, a non-divisive part of society at that. I have never had the level of fear of COVID-19 that approaches the average and I have a wife who get pissed when I talk that way (as if I’m a card carrying Trump voter, ha ha ha) to prove it.

Now I can be done with the subject and get back on topic.

Hey Robert, thank you for the nice words about my non-mask related writing. :-)

I don’t wear one while driving, while in my yard or neighborhood, out walking or running or anywhere other than in the damn supermarket or CVS where these mouth breathers walk right at you with a fucking smirk on their face as if it’s a political statement. I don’t want their lousy breath on me, let alone their particles [it happens much less often now, but only because establishments try their best to keep unmasked people out now].

But more than that, I agree and have long felt that COVID-19 hysteria is trumped up to a degree. You know how I am about media hype and markets, and this is no different. [The] hype always exceeds the reality, sometimes by orders of magnitude. But that does not change the fact that there are vulnerable people and there are people who develop anxiety over an unmasked maw in close quarters. I am proud to do my part in not being part of the already massively high asshole quotient [*] in this country. I put it on, go in the store, come out and take it off. What is so hard about that? That’s my question.

* Some in the gold bug “community” and other con-jobbers may have a different view and that is more than fine with me, otherwise I am not doing my job.