Mask Your Maw & Obey the Law (within reason) [w/ edit]

[edit] As often happens when I go off topic into politics I think a few people are surprised at my lack of sophistication in that area (which I don’t mind). A couple emails would set me straight on the political issue, as I actually agree that my view stated below is overly simplistic. One emailer, a former public defender and Assistant DA also contests my … Continue reading Mask Your Maw & Obey the Law (within reason) [w/ edit]

NFTRH 605 Out Now

Back in full operation after a slightly abbreviated report last week. I cannot control what the market is going to do, but I sure can keep us tuned up on some important factors in play. NFTRH 605 does that job well, as we continue to navigate what has been a really weird and successful year. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium (monthly at USD $35.00 or a … Continue reading NFTRH 605 Out Now