Interview With Doug Ramshaw of Minera Alamos

I almost never go fan boy on any individual stock and most especially not on any individual CEO or other company management type. In the gold sector that sentiment is amplified x1000. My friend Scott, a gold fund guy who makes it his business to get know management and only stick by those he values, introduced me to Minera Alamos (MAI.V), which I have held for many months now as my second or third largest gold stock position and one of 3 or 5 I consider core. I want to buy more but the miser in me would like to do it lower.

Anyway, yesterday Scott included me in a long phone call (Scott likes words… just kidding Scott, I guess I blabbed too) with Doug Ramshaw, so I finally got to ‘meet’ the man. Great guy, and great attitude toward a sector that needs more people like him and less of the charlatans and their newsletter writing hangers-on that have made a cottage industry of feeding on the uninitiated. Doug wants to change that perception and he puts his actions where his mouth is, as anyone who’s invested in his company for a while knows by now.

I just found this interview linked at the Minera Twitter account and thought I’d share it. Again, I own the stock and if it pulls back I’ll likely own more. So that’s the disclaimer if you want one. In a realm where all too many of these hole diggers are more than happy to get touts from gold newsletter writers, issue shares and cash out options and other large compensation without ever producing a thing other than paper, Doug says…

“If you’re going to get into the gold market the best way to do that is to be producing the damn stuff”.

And if it even needs saying, I receive no consideration whatsoever for this post. In fact, Doug (nor Scott for that matter) does not even know I am posting it. I just want to do my tiny part to help clean up this wretched sector and its rotten core up north. There are good ones. Find them, and do your DD on newsletters that make mining stock recos, especially exploration stock recos.


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