Attn NFTRH Subscribers: In Dynamics Markets… See Trade Log Notes

[edit] I’m actually enjoying dropping charts in there as needed too. So please consider this an auxiliary update source for when the markets get woogly. :-)

In dynamic markets what I don’t want to do is increase your noise level if you don’t want that. So we had an email in pre-market about SPX and one during market ours about GDX. That’s all you’ll hear from me… if you don’t want to hear from me.

Two issues with update emails, which I understand have a lot of value to many.

  1. They are pretty laborious to put together and send to multiple groups (in order to avoid getting flagged by the spam police) and
  2. They give the impression, through my having taken that moment in time to formally contact you with an email that I have important things to say. And I did, this morning about SPX and later, to lesser degree, about GDX. But at some point I think importance devolves into noise.

If however, you do want to hear from another market participant (nice way of saying casino patron) trying to marry the analysis with functional execution upon that analysis (while executing his share of mistakes along the way) then at times like this the Trade Log is probably the best place to do that.

So please be advised that you can keep an eye on Twitter (@NFTRHgt) for notices when I feel the Trade Log is getting pretty wordy with actionable or at least considerable information. Or just casually check out the Log every once in a while. Or… tune out the noise all together. :-)