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The first report of 2020 is back to its full-featured self and gets its writer tuned up now that the Santa seasonal is transitioning to what may or may not be a ‘January effect’ seasonal.

The drone strike and associated war drums did not derail the stock market and it is not a good reason to lurch into gold. But when taking out the noise the macro is marching along and we continue to march with it, interpreting it each step of the way. Big changes will come in 2020 and they will come via the yield curve’s signals. Now, will the curve’s move be inflationary or deflationary… or both?

#584 adds a discrete Bond Market Indicators segment because well, the bond market is a really important indicator (ref. yield curve, etc.) and also gives the weekly chart fest of gold and silver miners, royalties and explorers its own Au & Ag Mining, Royalty & Exploration Charts segment in the event people want to skip the meat and potatoes and get right to the desert (not advised, but… ). This would be as along as NFTRH is constructive on the sector… and it is, when looking beyond the short-term.

nftrh 584

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