’s “Convoluted [Gold] Commentary” Exposed

Okay, they have found me out.

I spend all this time and energy with nominal charts, comparison (ratio) charts, different indicator confluences, time frames and whatever else I can confuse you with in order to make things harder than they should be. Because well, gold is manipulated and that’s all you need to know.

Comment to a GoldSeek version of my post Today vs. 2012; Different This Time for Gold

Gold is highly manipulated by naked short sellers market. That’s the issue with its inability to find its true value. Central banks buying tons monthly and little price appreciation. How much sense does that make? Gold is manipulated. All this convoluted commentary and comparisons to past years don’t really mean anything.

The gold price is manipulated. Stock prices are manipulated. Markets are manipulated! But that does not mean we should abdicate common sense.

Of course gold is manipulated. Often times (but not always) downward. But so too is the stock market manipulated, often times (but not always) upward [okay, really often upward].

But maybe if more people spent time reading convoluted commentary they’d get out of the way and get on the right side of the oncoming manipulation more often.

If the “gold manipulation” brigade are coming out and finding a receptive audience we are probably a majority of the way through the correction, time-wise.

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