Sandstorm Gold and Why Sometimes You Just Hold the Line

SAND was an under-performer on the post-May rally in the precious metals, but I held it as one of the keepers while taking profits on many of the vertical bottle rockets that went off last summer. The reason was partly that under performance. It did not seem as vulnerable as some others to the oncoming correction.

But it was mainly because Mark at IKN (the reason I fundamentally trust the stock) was resolute on its fundamentals and value proposition (see his public highlight from Friday) and because… do you see the blue line on this chart? Do you see the black line on this chart? They are and have been trending up, which means it’s been a stock laboriously rising and pulling back within said uptrend and thus, an easier one to hold than say AXU or SVM, which went vertical and were sold for profits (since bought back).

From NFTRH 574‘s miner and royalty charting segment (associated chart omitted)…

Smaller royalty (w/ IKN stamp of approval) that never lost its daily chart uptrend making
a bull move. Holding.

The bull move just err, intensified.


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