NFTRH+; a Very Bullish Global Semi Stock – Optimal Buy Area Noted

A simple update of a stock brought to my attention by subscriber Mark. Thank you sir!

TSM has broken out from a bullish pattern and measures to 53. In the event we have a rocky Q4 and TSM pulls back a buying opportunity would present at around 44. If able to buy there it would represent about 20% to the pattern measurement.

More than that, it is another check mark in the column of a developing bullish view for Semiconductors.


A reminder that chart based NFTRH+ updates are technical trade setup ideas, which may not be revisited as the technical parameters are already noted. These updates are meant as a starting point for your further research if interested. I will not personally buy every item highlighted and will sometimes sell (ref. Trade Log) any item that I do buy below target (assuming I’ve not stopped out or sold for some other reason) as I often do. Also please be aware that I am not a fundamental stock analyst. Due diligence is your responsibility.