Attn: Subscribers (and non-subscribers) NFTRH 551 available for free [w/ edit]

Dear subscribers, my apologies for this issue. I thought it (email issue) was resolved, but apparently not. This is the best way for me to get it into your hands before I try to get the issue resolved for good. We may end up going back to delivery from the @ address.

So from a frustrating email glitch comes a promotional offer to non-subscribers to check out this free edition of NFTRH, as I cannot get it delivered until I can migrate the list off of Gmail to another option (thanks Google! Great job!).

So you can grab #551 if you’d like to check out a market report that consistently keeps its writer and I assume a lot of its subscribers on the right side of things. Just click the screenshot and honor me with a subscription if you think it will help your market management, as I think it will.

[edit] We are back to the regular @ email address. I imported the list to that account and things seem to be going smoothly. Please advise if you did not receive the email with report attached, and password. Thank you!