Pump Alert! Courtesy of IKN

So I am shit canning biiwii.com, but retaining the option of either posting or linking here some of the writers that used to be published there. That is because a few of these people represent nuggets of value floating along in the sea of toxic sludge known as the greater financial media.

Yesterday, Mark at IKN provided a very public service for anyone who might have gotten caught up in the latest Canadian pump job. Before that, before the pump itself he did the same in IKN 516.

Check out the post. Excellent reporting.

All Part of the Service

He closes the post thusly…

“The IKN Weekly is not a publication for people who need to be told what to do. It’s a publication for people who can take the information supplied and use it in their own manner”

I’ll chime in here and also note the same for NFTRH. In fact, this concept is one of the very cornerstone aspects of the service. I am not telling you what to do. I am giving you a ton of logical and well founded information. If you want paint-by-numbers go find a trading coach or newsletter/pumper. They’re everywhere, and they await your arrival.

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