NFTRH 521 Out Now

The screenshot tells where NFTRH 521 is headed. The market is now officially fun again for me because it is in motion and the herds will not be rewarded by just setting it and forgetting it. Isn’t it convenient that the market corrected, bringing some of the herd out of stocks and back to bonds after we noted that bond bears might get clobbered?

And over in the precious metals patch… what’s that going on with the real fundamentals (as opposed to those imagined by so much of the “community”)? Nothing is in the bag yet, but with patience and ongoing work we have a chance to change the macro, send a lot of herds over cliffs and just maybe, prosper.

Anyway, NFTRH 521, a very helpful report for me personally, was sent out to subscribers a few hours ago.

nftrh 521

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