Gold Stocks: Want to See an Ugly H&S? A Pretty One?

This man who stares at charts presents for you a really ugly short-term H&S to stare at. It’s not activated, but it is ugly. Stare at it!

This man who stares at charts also used his imagination last week and presented in a real-time update (still p/w protected) for NFTRH subscribers the parameters and potential for a pretty short-term H&S as the miners were hitting their short-term lows…

“A simple daily chart view of HUI showing what needs to happen in order for Huey not to abort its bounce potential. It needs to bounce from the current area to form a small (minor) Inverted H&S or else we’d expect new lows sooner rather than later. If the IH&S plays out, the bounce from it could yet be vigorous.”

Since then in NFTRH 519 we have added more color to the picture by cross referencing a confluence of short-term resistance points, a short-term upside target should those points be exceeded, all due caution about the macro fundamental backdrop, but also a very key and potentially explosive * bullish bigger picture macro & sector fundamental situation.

Anyway, here is for all intents and purposes the inverse of DUST above. Also not yet activated. If it activates, things will be fun and the herds and promoters that tend them will assemble as usual.

* Yeah, I wrote “explosive”. It’s the type of word that perma-pompoms use all the time. But I saved it for a time and a chart (proprietary to NFTRH 519) that actually mean something. It is a long-term situation and may not play out conveniently in time for the current crop of victims of the gold promotion “community” to avoid damage. Maybe it will; who knows? But yeah, I used the word “explosive”. Any problem with that?

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