NFTRH 511 Out Now

As noted to subscribers in the email delivering this week’s report…

A funny thing happened this weekend. As I was writing on Saturday and proofing this morning I was aware that I was just not myself. I did not enjoy writing this report and I had a strange, downbeat, even depressive feeling that I don’t usually have. I did not feel up to speed and was having a mini crisis in my own head. I could not figure out what was wrong.

Then I decided to check the coffee I was drinking and realized that I had inadvertently been drinking decaf! 3 cups of regular and I was back on track. Hopefully NFTRH 511 is not as out of sorts as I felt when writing its first draft (I think it’s okay, but… ).

Actually, it was better than okay for me because doing the work kept me 100% on track to current themes, which were once projected themes that the market is now playing out perfectly (i.e. we projected a top-test in the S&P 500 to reset over bearish sentiment back in late winter, when everyone was, you know, pretty beared up).

nftrh 511

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