“Sponsored Financial Content”

I was kicking around the mainstream financial media this morning to see what the MSM has tabbed as the source of this morning’s market disturbance (surprise, it’s a Tariffs Food Fight escalation) and came upon an article by Mark Hulbert, talking about why the massive amount of sidelined cash is not bullish (ref. the old canard about all that sidelined cash waiting the invest). Household participation is actually near record levels, notes Hulbert.

Then I see these ads disguised as content…

So I guess this ‘dianomi’ is a new kid on the seedy block of internet sleaze, joining Outbrained and Taboola.

Anyway, without much baiting I clicked on the one with the chart that proves stocks will collapse by 70%. It is a video by something called the Bauman Letter, which is evidently part of the Porter Stansberry empire, which is not unlike the Harry Dent empire, which is not unlike the Doug Casey empire.

Did you know that on August 1st a secret meeting will take place in Washington? Did you know the results of that meeting will chop 70% off the Dow in short order? Well, if you did not know that maybe you should subscribe to the letter (I’ll not link you to the seedy end of the internet, you can search it if you really want) and find out how a secret group – the same ground that spiked and crashed the market in 1929 – is going to crash the Dow.

Or maybe you might just choose to stay on the path you are on, which is to identify and avoid charlatans disguised as market analysts where ever you encounter them, Outbrained, Taboola and dianomi especially. The pitch uses lambs to the slaughter for its imagery. It’s fitting, because that is often what subscribers to or buyers of these promotions become. This promotion is the dark side of the same coin by which this clown drew in innocents for the slaughter, just days before… the slaughter.

He was served up by Taboola or Outbrained. Can’t remember which, and it really doesn’t matter.

And if I remember correctly, which I do, the aforementioned Casey made the scene remodeled and repackaged as a Bitcoin expert right at the top, in early December.


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