Financial Media Outdoes Itself: SYK to Acquire BSX; no Scratch That, SYK Denies It

So here is Forbes yesterday, after the MSM made a big deal about a buyout of Boston Scientific by Stryker, and BSX stock had already exploded.

4 Reasons Boston Scientific is a Screaming Buy

1. A deal with Stryker would open up attractive markets

2. The combined company could gain market share

3. Takeover price is likely to be higher than current Boston Scientific value

4. Boston Scientific CEO has been presiding over rapid stock price growth

Okay, all but one of these points had a do with an apparently phantom takeover bid and the other advocates buying a stock that had long-since launched to over valuation (NFTRH+ noted a real buy opp. back in 2015), as per much of the rest of the Medical Device sector.

So here you are dear mainstream financial news consumer, getting what you deserve if you acted upon the trend following, emotional advice that was apparently based on a fantasy.


To be fair, it was not just Forbes that went all in. So too did the buttoned down likes of the WSJ and Reuters. They reported the news they got fed (‘from where?’ would be a good question). But Forbes went all-in with a pumpy article with which to harvest eyeballs and endanger its readership. Good job boyz.

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