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As I was searching for old articles in which I’d used the term gold vs. “human hopes for prosperity” (a theme coming back into play currently) I came across this old article from nearly a decade ago, just after NFTRH‘s launch.

The Next Bubble? (Oct. 13, 2008)

I may tout myself in a future article using this look-back (ha ha ha, but seriously… ) but for now, do check it out.

You have no idea how pleased I am that NFTRH’s first week in existence happened to coincide with historic market and economic events.  Downside events.  If it was easy anybody could do it, right?

After the intro was the core issue of the time. For context, you must recall how unbelievably fear stricken most people were back then. I’ve colored the text here for effect.

The danger, according to deflationists is that no matter how much ‘money’ global authorities throw at the problem, a black hole created by decades of credit/debt (as the primary macro-economic fundamental) is going to suck it all up with a near infinite appetite to correct the mess made by a system in its death throes.

The title of the piece is ‘The Next Bubble?’ and as I see it, there are two primary candidates; a bubble in financial Armageddon as policy makers’ efforts are rendered null and void by the ‘black hole’ and all hope is lost as even the word ‘depression’ will be an understatement.  Or a new bubble, in some asset class, as global money supplies shot out of fiscal Howizters reach their intended target, the investment community.

I will go with number two, because inflation is the increasing supply of money and with the deflationary backdrop and inflation fears nowhere on radar, policy makers have a free pass, a directive, to print as much ‘money’ as they can as fast as they can.  This makes Greenspan look like child’s play.

Well, that “some asset class” began as the precious metals as we locked and loaded back then, but it morphed into US and then global stocks. And here we are at this day, nearly a decade later.

Anyway, back on message and nearly 10 years later, NFTRH 492 is out now and it is produced at a time that could evolve into a historically significant one as well. Things are becoming clear and avenues both short and longer-term are opening up.

nftrh 492

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