Real Estate Short Setup (public post)

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I look at yesterday and today and am tempted to think “why am I not more short?” (I am short Semiconductors and Real Estate for different reasons). But the NFTRH+ aspect of the service is noted as being about “setups” and so no setup, no highlight. Broad stocks are not yet in short setups.

But we did have a bearish look-ahead on the Real Estate sector back on January 19. Check out the post; it’s now public and it shows a classic bear setup for IYR, before it came about.

Here is the updated chart from that post. I wanted to be short Real Estate when I made the post (due to the interest rate view and the sector breakdown) just like I do the S&P 500 right now. But I was nagged by a voice saying “wait for a setup, dude… “.

Here is the current IYR chart showing the subsequent bounce to a shorting opportunity per the + update. That (red shaded area) was the recommended short zone for those who would undertake this risky activity (what activity is not risky these days in this market? *).


* Trick question. Answer: as noted continually in NFTRH, dividend paying cash like SHV.

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