Dear Subscribers: New Page Added (public post)

Though I am loath to talk too much about stocks and stock trading, I get it. I get that some people want a practical way to see what my transactions are before the weekly report comes out. I am sensitive about this subject because I am not a stock picker and frankly, I don’t like stock pickers in general. My view is that 80% of them are one link higher on the food chain than the gurus that so craftily massage the uninitiated with alarming, exhilarating and/or just plain sensationalist views designed to stimulate greed, fear and by extension, removal of money from wallets.

That said, I do use stocks and ETFs in support of and in line with NFTRH’s macro market analysis and though I don’t think you should really care much about what I hold, at the suggestion of a subscriber I’ve decided to create an informal page to note transactions. Please read the intro/disclaimer. Also, feel free to ignore that page as you will, which would actually be my suggestion. You’ll see my reasoning if you read the intro. The page is located under the NFTRH Premium menu above (3rd item down) and uses the same password as the Archive & Updates.

I am going to try this for a while and see if I am comfortable with it.