Biiwii Does it again: Snake Hole Lounge

So we dropped all ads to clean up the presentation and the slow acquisition of new, quality authors continues. We have bull biased writers and bear biased ones. But most of all we have writers seeking to present a fair, balanced and fact based view of the financial world.

On that note, introducing Anthony B. Sanders of Snake Hole Lounge.

Here is the first of many posts to come…

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Urges Congress to Monitor U.S. Debt As She Steps Down (NOW A Warning??)

Thanks to Rich K. who sent me this chart that is all tricked out with the yield curve, Fed Funds rate, Fed balance sheet, economic and other data, knowing full well I’d get geeked up about it.

I promptly contacted Anthony and got him on board.  Snake Hole is going to dish up some real nuts and bolts economics, finance and market analysis in an entertaining fashion, and it’s gonna be posted very regularly over at Biiwii, which is being built into something with the criterion that I would want to frequent it, which mean NO friggin’ ads and only serious analysis.

I’ve decided to see if I can make something more than a pet project that I’ve often thought of jettisoning into a resource that I, and you depend upon. I mean, the internet is full of ads and it is also full of ads disguised as content. The herds eat it up (just look at the major outlets’ massive traffic and eyeball harvesting). We’re going to build something with integrity and keep it going as long as it improves my own market knowledge and does not become a distraction.

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