New Gold-Eagle Column on… Gold!

Just letting you know that Gold-Eagle is publishing an exclusive article on gold by me each Sunday. It’s also available to their email list. Now brace yourself, it’s title is…

Gold Prices This Week and Next Week’s Forecast

…which is not the type of title I’d come up with because a) I don’t micro manage gold prices and b) I don’t make predictive market forecasts (like Harry Dent and other well polished gurus). So the article actually talks a bit about the price and some of the dynamics surrounding the forward gold view, but I would not call it a forecast.

Check it out. Assuming Gold-Eagle founder Vronsky likes my style it’ll probably be there each Sunday. I even preambled that I am the guy often poking the gold “community” in the eye and am going to keep the thing well grounded and within bounds (some of the gurus get way out of bounds IMO with the constant emotional marketing). I don’t get compensated in the least. But it should bring some additional exposure which I would welcome. And they even give me a neat gold nugget/bar graphic, which I’ve appropriated for this post.

Whatever, we’ll see. Gold-Eagle was the first gold site I frequented many years ago as a newly hatched gold lunatic and I really did learn a lot from some of the crusty old writers they used to have there. It was also the second or third website to publish my regular stuff back in 2004. I think it was Mary Puplava at Financial Sense first and then Vronsky at G-E.