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[edit] A minor correction has been made adding SLCA to the long positions held noted on page 64. The archived report has been updated by I’ll not bother subscribers by re-sending an email for such a minor omission.

[edit] Same goes for XLV…

We compact #466 back down to 64 pages from last week’s ridiculous 72 pages. We also incorporate a subscriber’s good ideas and put a table of contents on page 2 and the ‘Wrap Up’ summary on page 3, per the below. After pages 1-3 came full coverage of US and global markets (with stock charts), and their internals, commodities (with stock charts), precious metals (including 29 miners) bonds and their associated indicators, currencies, sentiment and then… more stock charting in the NFTRH+ Charts & Notes segment. A solid report, as usual. Full effort, no short cuts.




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