Marathon Gold (MOZ.TO); Hat Tip… ‘FL’

‘FL’ is my other trusted junior miner source (along with Otto @ IKN). Early on Otto and I began trading services where he gets NFTRH for its macro sector and broad market view and I get his keen and detailed view on individual junior miners.

As for ‘FL’, he was among the earliest NFTRH subscribers in late 2008. Early on he pitched me on providing a free NFTRH sub while he would keep me in the loop of his analysis of individual miners. I won’t go through the list of FL’s picks (I actually don’t have it), but he has nailed them far more often than not and most recently he was high on MOZ.TO for fundamental reasons and remained firmly so over its recent consolidation. That is the only reason I held it. And then today came along after some high grade drill results.

marathon gold

I pay or have paid for the premium products of charting services, sentiment data, quant data, cycle analysis and whatever else I think I need to help me offer the best, most well rounded market service on the planet. But these two gentlemen, per our little arrangements, have really been a big help in this specific area. They even let me know when they think I am headed down the wrong path with miner position. It’s nice to have good people to watch over you.

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