NFTRH 463 Out Now

It was 65 pages of work that came to some pretty sensible (obviously, in my opinion) conclusions about where markets are going and what to look for as indicators.

Last week was the most fun I’ve had in a while and that means something. That is because I am not the only genius out there with precious metals stocks going up, resource commodity stocks going up, medical stocks going up and basically everything going up (except for the US dollar, as we reviewed currency pairs that are bearish for Uncle Buck and CoT data that are quite the opposite).

The party can continue for some weeks ahead but I know what I’ll be looking for as we head into Q4, and all of that stuff is in NFTRH 463. Doing the work helped me greatly in my own market view. With the recent gains I feel like I am seeing the spin on the ball and I want that to continue, whether they pitch curves, sliders, sinkers, cutters or what have you. Just no knuckle balls please!

nftrh 463

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