NFTRH 449 Out Now

As emailed to subscribers along with the report…

NFTRH 449 was helpful to me in trying to untangle a web of information and make sense of the near-term. It may seem difficult to retain everything on a first read (it is for me, at least) so I ask you to read it, consider re-reading it and then use it for reference because there is so much going on across several different, yet interwoven markets.

It would be much easier to digest if the analysis were black, white, cut and dry. But that is [not] what markets are. The work has to be “chunky” as a subscriber once put it, because not even the most accomplished market players ultimately know what is going to happen. It takes work to be on top of it.

I’d value your critiques and corrections as much as your view as to why the analysis is on the right track. While most people probably think it is summer slack season and are putting things on the back burner, I think this summer has the potential to sneak in some pretty interesting changes. At least that is what burped up in this week’s analysis.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

nftrh 449

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