Tim Knight on Gartman

gartmanOn infrequent occasion I comment on Dennis Gartman, the improbable media star who must have compromising photos of someone higher up at CNBC.  That is because I have the mainstream media stuck in my craw and I can’t – and don’t want to – shake it loose.

The informational 3-ring circus I witness daily in the mainstream financial media pisses me off to the degree that I just have to shake my head and make fun of it (cue the clown cars) as a way to purge it out of my system, and also use it as a valued contrary indicator when applicable.

Anyway, I once in a great while comment on Gartman when the media burps him up with another promotion, as was the case last week.  But I’ve noticed over the years that Tim Knight really has a thing for ole’ Dennis and now he even kept tabs on some outright lies put out for public consumption by the Gartman/CNBC complex.  In this post he chronicles Gartman’s sordid history with crude oil, false information and a viewing public perhaps too preoccupied to notice.  Thankfully, Tim noticed.