NFTRH+; Japan to Target (a Public Post)

Back in October as the Yen was just starting to break down we took a ‘look ahead’ on its implication for the Japanese stock market, using the Yen-hedged DXJ Wisdom Tree fund.  The ‘sell’ target was “52 or anywhere lower that profit is acceptable”.  Here is the updated weekly chart of DXJ from that original update.


At the time of the update DXJ was around 44.  I sold somewhere along the way, significantly higher than that, in the high 40’s, in order to continue balancing my portfolio for the times.  My only exposure to Japan now is another NFTRH+ item, Robot/RoboMachine maker Fanuc (FANUY), which is still in process but has run a long way since it was highlighted (way too late now, so please don’t try to momo it; not that you would, but… being a public writer, I get anal about this stuff).  The Fanuc trade is about more than the Yen, it’s also about a seasonal aspect in play.