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The notes at the beginning, per this screenshot, give a rough overview of where we are going.  Then #417 adds a lot of detail, using more daily charts instead of the usual weekly charts.  It is time to be watching support parameters and sensitive indicators in order to be first in line to understanding what comes after this corrective phase in the markets, major support hold and euphoria up or the other thing, the very unpleasant thing.

We update the precious metals, but it is all normal and as it should be there.  Assuming the now under stress fundamentals of the sector make a comeback, all is fine.  But we have parameters for gold and silver that would tell us when all is not fine.  It’s the markets and we are just simply going by their rules, not our own wishes.  We also cover commodities, , currencies, sentiment, market internals and more, all with a nerd’s attention to detail.

nftrh 417

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