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Another very helpful report (to me).  It’s the best analysis of its kind out there, as always combining TA and Fundamentals.  I know it’s the best (or among the best) because I regularly see what else is out there and come away unimpressed most of the time.

I may post a comments interaction to the SeekingAlpha version of Friday’s post if I feel like muck raking a little.  It was initiated by a newsletter writer/market trading service provider claiming that I am wasting my time assigning a fundamental view to gold because the fundamentals don’t matter.  I’ve heard some wacky stuff in my time, but… TA guys, you gotta love ’em.

Anyway, NFTRH 411 is out now and it does the usual work of combining TA and Funda as well as trading talk and the whole enchilada.  Subscribe to NFTRH!  It is the service that is going to make you work your brain instead of taking the easy way out and letting some genius do the thinking for you!

nftrh 411

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