The Reason I am Happy That This Subscriber Canceled and Moved On…

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John L. was a long-time NFTRH subscriber.  After cancelling his subscription the other day he sent me this note:

“You have been a terrific mentor and my nearly 5 years of being a subscriber has helped me a great deal especially in having a wider view of the markets as well as a calm and analytical perspective. You’ve been instrumental in teaching me not to get caught up in all the media hype and all the noise from this and that newsletter writer out there. You have inspired me and taught me to wait for the signals that only the market price can give me and not rush into trades or out of trades based on all the outside noise. The charts, the price, the direction of the markets are the only things that should guide investment.

Anyway, sorry I’m probably not sounding very clear but I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and faithful publishing of the newsletter week after week, month after month, year after year. Keep up the good work and I hope your business with continue to grow. And, just for the record, I’m only cancelling my subscription because I feel I’m ready to move on with my own analysis having been taught well by you. I hope you can take pride in being a good teacher seeing one of your students graduate to go out into the “world” on his own now. (Though it does take a bit of a hit to your pocketbook :( sorry about that.) Sort of like I told one of my doctors recently, “you must be a good doctor because you’ve lost another patient…” Ha!

Anyway, stay well and please know I’ll be continuing to follow you via Twitter as well via your website. And, I’ll never hesitate to continue to recommend you to my investment buddies.”

Since I do not pretend to have all the answers, I have evolved NFTRH into a service that out-works the rest and does it using methods that work, while chucking the ones that don’t.  In other words, I have been learning every step of the way and incorporating what I’ve learned.  It’s the only rational way for non-gurus to operate.

NFTRH is ultimately a teaching platform.  It has taught me and if it is living up to its goals, it is teaching others as well.  John has the time to do his own work now.  Others need me to be working to flesh out the details because they don’t have the time.  Personally, I can see where market management will probably be fun for John, as it is for me.  For others, I am happy to keep working, to keep learning and to keep improving.