NFTRH on the Right Track

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aliceI try to be me and part of being me is in not making definitive statements to people as if I am something higher than they are in the investment world. I am not. I am just someone with the time and inclination to work hard enough to put the markets directly into my veins, mainline style. I am seeing things very clearly now, which is different from having all the answers ahead of time.

But NFTRH nailed the US dollar rally and subsequent correction and the associated macro trade setups (Europe, Japan, etc.) before the herds got on that momo play, and had several NFTRH+ trades pan out (GOOGL, REMX, LIT, SIMO, SLCA, CSCO, INTC, a previous SPY short, etc.) with the odd clunker (hello SCIF and a few others along the way) thrown in for good measure.

We have generally been in alignment with markets every step of the way from the September 2008 launch. This despite never having predicted a thing. It is plan and adjust, tweak and clarify. Gurus are false prophets. We mortals have to do the work so that when we are pointed in the wrong direction we can get right, promptly.

I have come to find that there are lots of very smart people doing quality work within the conventional financial services industry. But these very educated and very smart people tend to follow breadcrumbs, interpreting and extrapolating things in a linear, business school influenced fashion. Things are not linear.

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” –Alice

“Gary, Before NFTRH I used to feel a bit like Agent Starling in Buffalo Bill’s basement after the lights went out. Thanks for turning on the lights.” –John M 11.24.14

I barely veil my displeasure with the mainstream media’s easy sound bites and the independent guys and not so independent guys trying to pitch easy answers to people for a fee. Some of them trade so frequently I wonder if the big bucks are made pandering to casino patrons, gamblers and relatively soulless traders. Can’t do that. I can’t interact with people who have no grounding or interest in any sort of education; the blinking green and red lights brigade.

Yet, since I began NFTRH and was told to dumb it down for max subscribership, I have actually gone the other way. Not that NFTRH is more complicated than when it began (I continually strive for clarity in writing) but it sure as hell is a lot more involved, comprehensive and focused. If subscribers are not willing to do some work in the form of consideration of various aspects of the material at least, it likely will not work for them.

So I do sometimes wonder if maybe the service is not paint-by-numbers enough for the mainstream. Yet yesterday I got an email that included the sentiment below and got jogged back out of that mindset. NFTRH won’t change (other than to continually improve). We’ll do the work that has to be done. Period. The markets are more complex than ever and so real market analysis has to be more involved than ever.

“Hi Gary, Thank you for all the hard work and great analysis — I’m loving my subscription!” –VG (a newer subscriber of nearly 2 months)

As we continue to successfully work the interim little pictures, when the big picture shifts and NFTRH is among the few who got there with integrity and capital intact, I’ll have more to say on the matter.

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