Mellanox is an Israel based (US Headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA) Semiconductor company that you may have seen sitting in the brokerage account.  I bought it because it was making what looked like its second bull flag at around 41.  It has tested my patience, but has been firming lately.

I call it to your attention as a ‘future reference’ because a higher high above 45 and the July high would set an intermediate uptrend for the stock.  Note that on a daily basis this one can be annoyingly volatile and what has kept me in it has been that the daily chart has not broken down from the most recent bull flag and the weekly is nearing a breakout point, per the above.

A break above 45 that holds for one or preferably two weeks would target 58.  MACD is green and RSI is 50+ and rising.

Consider this purely a chart speculation.  I do not have the sort of fundamental feel for it that I do with Intel, for instance.


Buy Target:  A break and hold above 45

Sell Target:  58 or anywhere lower (up to the individual)

Stop Loss:  A failure back below the breakout line at 45 or as suits risk tolerance.  But below 40 would be a total failure.

I remind you that NFTRH+ updates are just trade setup ideas, which may not be revisited as the parameters are already noted.  They are meant as a starting point for further research if interested.