NFTRH+; Base Metals

A few weeks ago we noted that base metals were in a potentially bullish pattern and recently updated that status as near a break out.  GYX is now breaking out of the pattern.  Here is a weekly chart of the DBB base metals ETF.


Buy Target:  17 or as close to the breakout line as possible if you did not buy (I did not)

Sell Target:  18.50

Stop Loss:  As suits, below 17.

Or in the case of individual stocks, FCX looks interesting.  Be aware that a daily chart is over bought, so considering it is at resistance it could get a pullback toward 35.


Buy Target:  35-36

Sell Target:  45, which is a conservative measurement if this does break out

Stop Loss:  Below 33-34

I do not have a position in either of the above but have them both high on the watch list.

Do your DD on the base metals and if you are a bull, consider the breakout on GYX/DBB as a positive sign. 

All NFTRH+ updates are subject to the assumption that the broad markets are stable.