NFTRH+; Lithium ETF

A piece at by the man who “was way ahead of my time in forecasting the rebound in Lithium and Graphite” prompted me to look at old friend LIT, the Global X Lithium ETF (despite the man’s bravado I might add).

This is not so much a trade as an opportunity for those who have fundamental research in hand on the future of Lithium battery power and/or think the economy is going to hold up and are looking for an entry opportunity.  NFTRH+ will not only cover trades, but also technical entries on potential ‘investments’ such as this (as will standard NFTRH).


LIT has the signs of a consolidation as it went up hard on big volume and has been declining in a wedge on low volume.  Support is very clear and a loss of support (perhaps below 12.50 or so) can be used as a ‘stop loss’ if desired.

Again, with its limited volume and the nature of asset, this is not really a trading vehicle.  But it is a potentially strategic asset to some.

Buy:  Support zone (12.60 to 12.80’s)

Target:  Undetermined, individuals to take profit or hold to suit

Stop Loss:  As suits risk profile, below support.

Note (5.28.14):  Trade is now approximately +5% and individuals should take profits or hold as suits their risk profile.  This service does not issue ‘sell’ recommendations on profitable trades.