NFTRH Update, Yields & PM Stocks

I am cooling my heels at the allergist’s office.  I almost bid goodbye to this world a couple times  due to Yellow Jacket stings and now am a bee venom therapy lifer.

So no charts for this update but I did want to update you that the GDX and GDXJ are indeed declining toward the potentials noted in the last update.  GDX is filling a gap as are some notables like SLW.  This is good.

What is even better is that the 30 year yield vs. the 5 year yield is positive today for the 2nd day in a row.  At least it is resisting whatever is driving the miners down.  That is probably the traditional scattering of the gold bugs AKA, emotion.

This (30 year / 5 year bounce) does not a trend make, but it sure doesn’t hurt.  I decided to try the ultra risky DUST and JDST for hedging on yesterday’s gold stock rise and today have added SLW and PPP against these hedges.  I am going to watch closely here in consideration of dropping the hedges.

Just an FYI update, especially noting the yield spread / precious metals disparity today.