NFTRH Update, Brief Market Notes

  • The precious metals reaction is upon us.  We were prepared and I hope players adjusted in whatever way works best, even if just mentally.  We will work on support levels and future buying opportunities going forward.
  • The uranium trade has worked very well.  I have decided that I’ll exit the entirety of the URA position rather than being greedy with partial positions.  The profit has been too good.  In a public post it was noted that partial positions would be sold, but I’ll update that.  URG will be held, albeit in smaller size.
  • T bonds look like they can bottom here and I think this little phase of inflationary speculation is calming down.  If that is correct, then interest rates will decline again and that will not likely be good for the stock market, which has run in line with yields and against T bonds.
  • I know, I know, stocks can only go up.  Until they don’t.
  • It is time to have good cash levels, protect gains and be patient.