NFTRH Update: Euro & Emerging Market Trades

For anyone interested (and I continue to harp on the idea that most probably should not be, since NFTRH is a macro market manager, not a day trader service), here is a look at a couple of markets on which I have taken bearish positions.

The previous post shows the EM ETF losing support.  Due to this, I have initiated a position in EEV, the Ultra Bear fund against EEM.  What I like about this is that the green line is a handy ‘stop loss’ for a conservative player like myself.  If EEM breaks back above the line shown on its chart in the previous post, and/or EEV loses the green line, risk can be managed and terminated.


We have noted recently that bear positions would probably be increasingly highlighted in 2014.  This and the Euro bear fund EUO are the first.  EUO is more a play on a potentially strengthening US dollar.  The dollar is negative today but above its 50 day moving averages.  The Euro is struggling with its MA 50’s.  If it retakes the 50’s I’ll consider controlling risk.


I may not re-visit these trades in an update.  They are just ideas for consideration and further research for anyone so inclined.