NFTRH Update, Palladium Opportunity & a Note on Precious Metals

I am tinkering around trying to see if I am comfortable with a more active trading opportunity aspect to the NFTRH service.  As such, I found a low risk situation in Palladium, which is an economically strategic mineral.  In other words, in my opinion it is a commodity posing as a semi-precious metal.


For anyone who might be interested, PALL is working its way toward the nose of a triangle and is going to break one way or the other within the next several weeks or couple months.  Here at the lower line, it could be worth a buy with a ‘stop loss’ at 700 to 680 in the event it breaks the ‘wrong’ way.  One way to play PALL is with… PALL (the ETFS fund).

Separately, the HUI is making a little bump here while gold and silver go green.  They tried to paint gold with the ‘Iran cheer’ ugly stick but that was just short term noise.  Everything looks as ugly as it has been looking technically, but it is notable.  If HUI can cross back over the 206.66 October [June] low, I’ll take even more note.