NFTRH Update, Key ETF Charts


GLD is dealing with the SMA 50 after breaking the trend line and triggering MACD.  Neutral, pending a climb and hold above the SMA 50 and MACD 0+ (green).


SLV is above the MA 50’s with only a 0+ MACD remaining for a bull signal.


GDX is neutral pending a rise above the SMA 50 and MACD 0+.


SIL is the same general status as GDX.


The Silver-Gold & HUI-Gold ratios remain neutral but Silver-Gold remains constructive for precious metals.  With today looking like a down day, let’s watch to see what silver does in relation to gold.  This ratio should hold up to avoid a warning.


DBC falls from neutral back to a bear signal.


SPY is over bought by its proximity above the 50 day MA’s.  On a bull signal.


EZU remains strenuously over bought.  On a bull signal.


EEM threatens a breakdown with violation of the extreme uptrend line and MACD trigger.  Moving this one to neutral on its way to a bear signal.


Breakdown on big volume with MACD having degraded further and about to go red.  FXI is neutral and on the verge of a bear signal (MACD 0-), pending support at the 200 day MA’s.