Perfect Indicator for My Bullish DJIA View: Peter Schiff Rings Alarm Bells

Peter Schiff rings alarm bells, sets an important contrary indication for a stock market blow off into ending stages

Ole’ Perma-Peter is at it again, as is the mainstream financial media, using him as an eyeball harvester. This from my Fidelity feed, which apparently thinks Benzinga is real market news.

What, like Peter Schiff has not been ringing perma-alarm bells of one kind or another for 20+ years? It’s a necessary ingredient to maybe clock my 37770 target before the bubble blows.

peter schiff rings alarm bells


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  1. Patrick

    OTOH, Tim Knight (Slope of Hope) seems to be throwing in the bear towel…

    1. Gary

      Interesting. Sentiment risk is so high right now. The Schiff squirrel can find its nut at any time and then proceed to tell us all “I told you so” into perpetuity.

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