Why do investors need a ‘macro guy’, anyway?

The markets are filled with stock analysts.  Some of NFTRH’s longest-term subscribers are experts at defining company fundamentals.  But the simplest way to put it is to think of the macro markets as an ecosystem.

This ecosystem is a large environment divided into many sub-environments.  It is within these sub-environments that cycles turn and changes occur.  You can be the best stock picker in the world, but if a stock exists in a down-cycled environment, the odds of success are greatly reduced.

While NFTRH does not claim to be a stock pick entity, the stocks selected must be aligned with the macro at any given time.  NFTRH, written and managed by a macro market geek through and through, is always checking and updating the environment, providing a clear map to the road ahead.  This is the vital service we bring to our subscribers.