Completely unsolicited feedback from NFTRH subscribers who, as paying customers, should expect nothing short of excellence:

“The best of the best!!” -Charles C. 11.19.23

“Just FYI, really happy with your level headed analysis and the timely updates. 💪 Thanks again for everything mate.” -Richard W. 11.14.23

“I subscribed in October and it was a good decision. For years i read your free content but this is beyond my expectations. The macro view in the weekly newsletter should help me time the markets better. Only regret I have is that I didn’t subscribe earlier.” -Peter C. 11.6.23

“Just wanted to say really enjoyed this weekends newsletter. I know from prior businesses that sometimes customer feedback can point you in tons of different directions. I just wanted to send a note that I think you should keep doing exactly what you are doing. I subscribe because:

  • You focus on macro, big picture trends, not trying to time a turning point or trading.
  • You think more scientifically about this stuff. It’s not about certainty, it is about making hypothesis and think through how probable each of those are and you think through them out loud. 
  • The thinking through out loud, which I think may seem like rambling to you, is actually really helpful to me as it shows how you arrived at a certain point of view and helps to clarify my own thinking on the topic.
  • The below [omitted] was by far my favorite part and a good example of what I enjoy in your writing.”

-Michael S. 11.5.23

“Hello Gary, Once again, thanks for all your great work.” -Mike D. 10.29.23

“Gary, Great job on your market analysis as usual.” -Suko B. 9.17.23

“Your work is second to none and I like your perspectives. I agree that things should be kept simple and we need to avoid emotional reactions to external noise.” -Kevin D. 9.3.23

“Thanks for all the work you do in keeping me focused on what’s important and tuning out some of the noise in the markets.” -Chris P. 8.27.23

“As you provide a Great Service and also as a Great Value, I am most likely to renew my subscription next year. Thanks for your response & The Great Work (With NO Gold Perma-bull BS NOR Gold Religious Fervor/Propaganda! The “Pumpers” are like “Drug Dealers” to their Flock/Sheep! Ha!)!” -Rodney G. 8.3.23

“Thanks Gary. I get a lot of value from NFTRH. Very appreciative of your insights and analysis.” -Warren R 7.23.23

“Of the many many financial subscriptions I have , it is yours that I value the most. It is yours that I look forward to the most. You are providing a service that I totally appreciate.” -Betty C. 7.17.23

“Hi Gary, I just wanted to let you know that although I did not renew my monthly subscription at the recent renewal date,  it was not because of any kind of complaint but purely because of a change in my own personal circumstances. So, I just wanted to let you know that and to say how much I have appreciated reading your very thoughtful and in-depth analysis over the last 11 months and to wish you continued success with your ongoing service.” -Chris W. 6.22.23

So, I just wanted to let you know that and to say how much I have appreciated reading your very thoughtful and in-depth analysis over the last 11 months and to wish you continued success with your ongoing service.

“Gary, I truly appreciate your work. It is stellar. I have been looking for someone who can take themes such as Hoye’s for a long time and extend them and offer more detail. I have tried a lot of subscriptions only to be disappointed.” -John C 4.20.23

“Thank you, and very much appreciate this service. I’d be lost without it.” -Jeff T 4.17.23

“You really saved my butt in March of 2020 when I was recklessly long going into the pandemic. I absolutely find your work to be focused and prescient. However it was actually your calm, measured tone that kept me from bailing out at the bottom back then, to sit tight/recover fully and then some, and since helped me up the risk management learning curve. I’ve been wanting to tell you that for a while. It’s the work AND the mindset that makes the service so valuable. Thanks again, and have a great week!” -Abi B 4.16.23

“Thank You Gary!  I appreciate your service.  You are good at what you do and getting better with time.” –André D 4.14.23

“Hi Gary, Just a quick note to say I like the front page summary. This is very useful, and enables a quick review mid-week to remind oneself where we are when the volatility and noise so often confuse the bigger picture. Really enjoying your work. Thanks. -Nathan L 3.27.23

“Since I began subscribing to NFTRH, I have broadened out my sources considerably. The sell side is now almost completely worthless except for some specialized applications. But Grant Williams, Luke Gromen, Lynn Alden – excellent. Fintwit is interesting – check out Roemmele. But your work is still the most astute, monetizable work out there. It’s really remarkable you don’t have more of a following. I guess people just don’t want to do the work.” -RD (mutual fund manager) 3.21.23

“Many thanks in advance for your consideration!!!! And carry on with the great technical work!” -Brian K 3.10.23

“NFTRH is the first, and only site I have ever read (and actually subscribed to) that does not have a built-in bias of being a bull or a bear, like so many sites do, especially in the gold and miners related arena. Gary tells it like it is. It might be something you don’t agree with and at times it might seem outlandish, but more often than not, he nails the macro correctly. And when he doesn’t, he owns up to it and adjusts. If you are looking for truly unbiased commentary on the markets, miners, inflation, the Fed and a whole lot more, I heartily recommend NFTRH.” -Mike C 3.6.23 [this testimonial was semi-solicited from a satisfied subscriber who had moved on for personal reasons]

While his [name omitted] reaching back to Roman times, and his staple example of Homestake Mining in the 1930s, borders on the humorous, I think he is the proverbial broken clock that one day will be right. Times have changed, and with it attitudes towards certain sectors and investment themes. I’d rather pay attention to – and appreciate – your realistic big picture views and professional opinions.”  -Werner N  2.15.23

“Great work by the way. Cheers.”  -David B  2.15.23

I can confirm that I’m receiving your emails and also wanted to take the opportunity to say that I like the content. Looking forward to navigate the markets by your side in 2023.”  -Lorenzo V  1.11.23

“But a lot of people drop issues and positions as things don’t go their way…one of the things I like about you, no BS.”  -Mike C  1.10.23

“It’s good to be back. I cancelled 2 years ago when my partner was mandated out of her job. Since then it’s been very hard to get any macro-economic information that’s not either crazy-talk or establishment shilling. It’s very calming to read non-hysterical opinions and reasoned analysis. This is hard to find.”  -Andrew T  1.9.23

“I enjoy your content but I never apply it towards my “trading” … a clear case of leading a horse to water but not being able to make it drink. If I’d only heeded your move to cash at the start of 2022 my portfolio would be in much better shape.”  -Yvette C  12.30.22

“Brilliant.”  -Betty C-M  12.24.22

“Hi Gary, I look for continuity in peoples behavior and message. You provide both. It’s not so much about how much money I have made in the last year, but rather how much I have not lost through poor decision making. Your contextualizing the macro in the process has been an eye opener for me. I find your work indispensable.  -Mike D  11.17.22

“Hi Gary, I am going to continue after my 2 week trial. Your service is not just a comprehensive investment advisory service, but an education around market analysis!”  -Nathan L  11.16.22

“…but I definitely want to keep up the original subscription – I have become a big fan of NFTRH. It is worth every penny.”  -Wolfgang D  10.31.22

“I am so thankful to you for the heads-up on the “continuum” as everyone else in the market got murdered in bonds this year (and the carnage is far from over). I really appreciate you.”  -Derek C  10.10.22 [disclosure: this comment came with a cancellation of subscription, as NFTRH does not advise on option trading, which is his interest now]

“Hi Gary, Long term subscriber here, love the service! I’d like to change my payment method from paypal to (anything else, maybe annual as I plan on sticking around)… ”  -Abi B  10.9.22

“Gary, Just a note of thanks…your PM / Gold Miner’s analysis is spot on! …and GDX really looks like it’s headed to $18! I’ve locked some decent profits for 2022 and am sitting in short term T-bills!”  -Joe K  9.26.22

“I wish I’d have found your service earlier, would have saved me some cash from getting in a little too early on PM stocks. But at least I still have some cash held back and hopefully can deploy at more prudent time.  -Michael B  9.25.22

“Hi Gary, New(ish) subscriber here. Very much enjoying the high quality of work I am reading. I’ve known about you for a few years now. I wish I had subbed to you sooner! You are far superior to anything else I have subscribed to, and it is evident from the body of work and knowledge! Top $$$$$.”  -AS  9.20.22

“Back in the gold stock bull market, which started January 2016, I still remember your forecast of HUI going to the 360-365 area long time before it got there. Big respect for that one Gary”  -Henrik B  9.20.22

“We are not sure if something happened with paypal, but we did not receive NFTRH 721 in our email, and we certainly did not cancel the service as it is heads and tails above the rest. Thank you.” [email glitch solved]  -W&L S  9.5.22

“Gary, an enormous thank you for your astute and relentless charting of the dollar pre-break out in 2020-21. It has saved me a ton of bad moves, really bad moves and outright disasters. I didn’t believe the charts 2 much, still I didn’t fall for the gold boys the whole time, excepting once or twice, maybe thrice, because of the dollar chart. Now I’m ready to fall. Here’s hoping you’ll chart a few. With thanks, -Tom D  9.2.22

“As always, I’m enjoying your excellent work. The institutional technical analysts have not identified the key metrics you have (like the 4 Horsemen, currently 2).”  -Reinier D  9.1.22

A couple website comments from July, 2022…

“I am grateful for the way you present evolving information so that I have to scratch my head and have some A-ha moments. Lol. Thanks again and I look forward to more of the ride.”  -David W  6.18.22

“Thanks, Gary. Hope you got a chance to relax [vacation]. Love your work.”   -Dan N 5.1.22

“Glad to have you back. thanks for doing a couple posts during your vacation. Always like hearing what you’re thinking and seeing in these volatile times.”  -Clint F  4.28.22

“All’s well. Portfolio doing excellent thanks to your guidance.”  -Reinier D 4.14.22

“Thank you for the great work!”  -Xin L  4.14.22

“P.S. Your read on gold possibly testing the 1920 breakout played out beautifully and I was able to trade out of many of my gold/silver positions on the spike upward and then even profit from the pullback going short using several different vehicles. This was exceptionally difficult for me (as a recovering goldbug and Pom Pom fan) but I am happy with the results. Baby steps……”  -Bob T  3.25.22

“And as always, thank you for the wonderful service that is NFTRH.”  -Lucius M  3.11.22

“Thank you for all of your hard work and diligence. I greatly appreciate your perspective, style, and insight.”  -Dave B  2.27.22

“Yes, “anything can happen” going forward, but for a day at least, yes (yes!) things were fun. I’ve gotta say Gary, you’ve done a remarkable job navigating this crazy market for us. To be fully intact right now and thinking like a predator feels pretty damn exhilarating. Thank you for all your hard work!”  -Tom A  2.24.22

“Excellent newsletter by the way.”  -Bohdan P  2.11.22

“After 2 yrs of following your work, I am more and more impressed by your macro analysis. Great work, Gary. Thank you!”  -Reinier D  1.31.22

“thank you for your palladium rec. Gary. I bought PALL and am up about 21% already, which makes the dismal state of my other PM’s easier to take!”  -Austin M  1.26.22

“Really appreciate being a subscriber to NFTRH – get a lot out of it.”  -Kevin R  1.18.22

“Today was a good example of the market finally acknowledging what these services, NFTRH included, have been signaling for a little while now. I really like your level headed analysis and the way you are presenting your signals to subscribers (especially the various ratio / relationship chart patterns).

Again, I appreciate your work in assisting me navigate volatile markets.”  -John D 1.18.22

“I find your research extremely valuable.”  -Peter F  1.17.22

“You’ve hit some homeruns for me with your sector analysis. (Copper – SCCO, FCX, Ags).  FTNT was in your weekly analysis when I first joined, and I briefly had a triple (now a 2.67). I greatly appreciate your work.”  -Clint F  1.12.22

“Thanks for all you do. You have made money for me and made me more aware of many market fundamentals that I have not known before.”  -Dyrl S  1.9.22

“I would like to thank you for a wonderful stack of education and insight. I have enjoyed your letter and service tremendously.”  -Robert V  12.13.21 [canceled subscription for reasons other than NFTRH’s quality, obviously]

“This latest change you made with the stock selection is a great improvement.”  -Anthony E  12.6.21 [ref. notice of new feature added]

“Actually, I more and more understand the importance of the macro picture and so
your work is really most helpful! Many thanks again.”  -Achim H  11.9.21

“…Btw, your analysis is excellent as is the writing. Thank you.”  -Malcolm C 11.7.21

“Hi Gary, great report as usual.”  -Rafael G  9.27.21

A phenomenal weekly. Your single stock ideas are underrated.”  -Joe F  9.26.21

“Thank you for your analysis. You are one of the best imo.”  -Rick P  8.12.21

“Hi Gary, I appreciate your posts of late, looks like a turning point is coming in the markets and you are laying out valuable measures and metrics to judge the risk as it evolves. The two horseman is a favorite of mine and is such an important perspective that you consistently deliver.”  -Scott L  8.9.21

“Now since I have you here, I’ll mention that I have been an NFTRH subscriber for a number of years now (the exact number I cant even remember) and I have found your service to be an essential component to my decision making process w.r.t. the speculative markets. I really appreciate your honest no-nonsense, no-guru, no-bullshit style of writing & your analysis provides me with plenty of food for thought.”  -Paul P  7.26.21

“Hello Gary ..I value your work for the macro perspective heads up.”  -Fred H  7.26.21

“Hi Gary, Just wanted to also say thanks; I’ve only been actively trading since June of last year and am up over 37% and a big part of that has been your trenchant analysis. It’s why I’m sitting on the sidelines: so I don’t give back what I’ve earned.”  -Derek C  7.19.21

“Great call, maestro. Not only the SM drop, but for me more importantly your biotech call. I was only in biotech: IBB and XBI. Seasonalities and technicals are favorable IMO. And perhaps a bit of idiotic media hype that the Delta variant might spoil the recovery.”  -Bart M  7.19.21

“Cheers and thanks all that you have helped with your NFTRH analysis, wisdom and wit over the years!”  –David N  7.18.21

“What you do is so much different. So very educational. Thanks.”  -GJB  7.15.21

“Hi Gary, I must say that I subscribe to NFTRH because you help me a lot with my itchy trigger finger which I still have despite the many years that have taught me only to remove my buy/sell gun judiciously.”  -Michael H  7.13.21

“Gary, I’m a two year subscriber and longer time visitor to your page. I’m always impressed with your work, always feel like I get more than my my money’s worth but this weeks nftrh was imo by far the best I’ve read! Absolute home run!! Perfectly timed and perfectly written, and a great reminder to always be open minded to possibilities that don’t fit your personal thinking.”  -Aaron R  7.6.21

“Thanks, Gary. Great piece, but you knew that. You and John Hussman are soul-mates. You are both highly intelligent, honest/idealistic, accomplished writers, and handle the “matrix” fairly similarly.”  -Henri G  7.4.21

“Hi Gary, I have not read your latest, but thanks as always for your useful navigation of the markets. The mix of long- and shorter-form reports is great. I’ve really benefited from your approach and sit in a comfortable ATH in my accounts. I’m looking forward to reading today’s report- feels like things are coming to a crescendo soon.”  -Scott L  5.23.21

“Here’s the testimonial I would write for you.   Remember, I’ve seen a couple of your letters that you sent out for free, and I’ve been reading your longer gratis pieces for years:    “Gary thinks like an Economics Nobel Prize Winner; he writes like a rock critic; and he protects your capital like Scrooge McDuck.”   

You can use that if you like.   It’s true and I’ll stand behind it.   And by the way, I studied under three Economics Nobel Prize winners at the University of Chicago, so I’ve had some experience with them.”  -Robert G  5.16.21

“Great write up – thanks! You are the most thorough/systematic of all analysts I follow. Best macro thinker in the business, besides Armstrong. G*****t is a better sales man than you though:) in fact, he is a better salesman than analyst. But he is a grandmaster too…”  -Bart M  5.11.21

“Thanks for all you do. In the couple years since I have subscribed to your service my trading has improved greatly along with and most importantly my patience.”  -Aaron R  5.8.21

“Thanks for another great piece Gary. So much work for $300/year [actually $365] ! My 2 cents.”  -Reinier D  4.19.21

“Love the newsletter, particularly your style of writing!”  -Travis C  3.21.21

“Btw, I’m really enjoying your analysis and the “style” of your service, wish I had signed up a year ago!”  -Steve S  3.2.21

“Again, thank you for the fantastic analysis.”  -Lucius M 2.18.20

“I love the trade log Gary but I dont just blindly do what you are doing. I consider it a starting point for me to do my own DD…..stare at the charts, research the company, etc. Please don’t misunderstand, I was in no way criticizing your service. It’s the best market letter that I have ever subscribed to! No bullshit, no pretense, just a guy trying to navigate the market in the best way he knows how. Thanks and keep it up.”  -George Z  2.11.21

“Gary, Really appreciate your in-day hands on communications today regarding the PM miners. These charts are whipsawing all over the place (volatility anyone ?) and as I am significantly weighted towards the PM miners I find your short-term  charts analysis very helpful indeed to avoid over-reacting.”  -Andrew C  1.28.21

“Evidently my Sunday (especially a rainy one like today) is defined by reading your report. Didn’t think I would be jonesing for it quite so much!”  -Tom M  1.24.21

“Thanks for all the great info. I have learned a lot from belonging to your service, Thank you sir!”  -Mike A  1.18.21

“My God, Gary, I just finished reading (for the first time only) #637. Nothing short of awsome, brilliantly done. Excellent presentation of your framework and your key triggers. Just what the doctor ordered after Friday. Really well done. Thank you!”  -Tom M  1.10.21

“Hi Gary! I loved the format, being quite interested in macro as well, it was great with the ‘step back’ and focus on the helicopter view.”  -Jesper U  1.10.21

“Gary, a very useful report, I would be happy to see such report more often.”  -Tamas S  1.10.21

“Hey Gary, Hope you are doing well and happy New Year! Just wanted to send a thank you for the continued great work and analysis, really appreciate it. I’ve still got this post up on one of my monitors just to keep it in my mind – /2020/03/24/spx-monthly-unfinished-business-chart-updated/ Happy trading and wish you the best in 2021!”  -Michael S  1.6.21

“Timely.  And as always, balanced. Your in-week updates really add a lot of value. Thanks Gary”  -Richard W  1.6.21

“Again, thank you so much for your work in the past year, for shedding light on these hard-to-understand issues, and for putting your readers to do their own work. Happy new year.”  -Yanqing M  1.1.21

“Gary, All the best for 2021. Keep up the great work ! I have been recommending your work to friends and associates.”  -Michael C  12.31.20

Hi Gary, Thanks for the MMEDF idea, it was the quickest 200+ percent gain I’ve ever had I think. Are you still interested in the name? I find the prospects of the company intriguing, but no way I wasn’t selling with it pushing 5$ this morning. Thanks again.”  -Randy W. 12.14.20

“Thanks, Pot and lithium plays have been great. Just looking for a little safe yield to go along with the ride.  Your analysis is truly best of breed from my perspective.”  -Alan R  12.3.20

“Compliments for calling the correction in PM complex. In a restaurant we complement the chef, at NFTRH the maestro. Well done, not an easy call to make and … to stick to:) We went through some whipsaw along the way….Even a fake upside break out.”  -Bart M  11.24.20

“I am very impressed by your calls on the precious metals, and especially targets on HUI & WPM ($40).”  -YC  11.24.20

“Hi Gary. Happy subscriber here, for about half a year now. Happy mainly because your newsletter forced me to learn and reflect a lot about charts, something which has made me a better investor.”  -Robert V  11.3.20

“P.S – Service is top notch, I am a big fan thank you for all that you do. The service is a true value buy!!”  -Kaleb L  10.31.20

“Thank you, Gary. btw: bought puts on SIL yesterday; today doubled in value, thanks for the head’s up :-)”  -Derek C  10.28.20

Thanks for your awesome work. A very happy subscriber!”  -Earl C  10.21.20

“Well said Gary!  Balanced, thoughtful and real.  Much like your market analysis. Super happy with the work you are doing every week.  Just wanted to say I appreciate it!  I think it often but don’t want to spam you. Cheers mate. ;-)”  -Richard W  10.19.20

“BTW after 1/2 yr I enjoy your service more and more.”  -Jerome B  10.15.20

“Thanks Gary. This kind of reply from you makes the whole difference.”  -Julio O  10.13.20

“Lots of good work today. Thanks.”  -John G  10.9.20

“Your service, your attention to details, and your communication is exceptional.”  -Otto N  9.29.20

“Thx in advance and thx for the good work, the call for 1850 gold cup & handeling was spot on and helps tremendously to hold through such periods!”  -Claudio M  9.29.20

“Hi Gary, Today was the day your reports really paid off for me. I’ve been reading and benefiting for a few years now, but the last few weeks I decided to ease out of the market and take profits where I was stretched. Your analysis was really key in my de-risking decisions and gave me some grounding for what was “a gut feeling.”  -Scott L  9.21.20

“I am so humbled by how much time you put into NFTRH for our benefit.”  -Jeff B  9.16.20

“I took the monthly subscription as a trial. I liked what I saw, so I decided to take the yearly subscription.”  -Luis O  8.31.20

Yes I got the welcome email & 2 others & am already kicking my self for not subscribing sooner.”  -Earl C  8.18.20

“Thanks in advance, and thanks again for your great service. I have told you before how much I have appreciated your service, but especially at these times, you and your perspective are invaluable. I think it is your passion at this time of your life, and you work very hard at it. Looks like you’re having fun too these days!”  -Gary F  8.17.20

“I’m extremely happy with the service. The weekend reports have become a staple of my Sunday reading and I read your weekday posts almost as soon as you put them out. Keep up the great work!”  -Mohammad E  8.14.20

“Thanks for the incredible work you are doing. It’s really helping me on the timing of trades in this PM bull market.”  -Stian F  8.12.20

“The gift of being cool and smart under pressure. That’s yours!”  Chuck C  8.11.20

“Gary, your protected updates this morning were really helpful — clear, concise, and rich in perspective. Thanks.”  -Tom M  8.11.20

“I appreciate all your hard work.  I am so grateful to have found your service, and I am learning so much!”  -Jeff B  8.10.20

“You can use my voice for promotion because it’s real. I’ve made so much fucking money for a $288 fee that I almost feel guilty. You should charge way more!”… [received after requesting permission to quote his err, enthusiastic note below]

“Dude, You’ve made me so much money I thought about sending a blank check. You are fucking awesome.”  -Travis C  8.9.20

“OMFG THIS report is so good. Those weeklies are so crisp. A+++++++++++”  -Joe F  8.9.20

“Thanks for that [re. customer service] and your newsletter – It’s been a big year.”  -James R  8.9.20

“Love the hand holding through all this excitement. Your analysis is spot on. Meaning I’ve made some funny muny :)”  -Terrance F. 8.7.20

“Very happy with the service, started in April and I have done well. Glad to trade more than just precious metals. Opened my biased eyes (we all have them).”  -Alan R. 8.7.20

“Hey Gary, What started as “I will enroll to NFTRH premium for a few months only to help me navigate through the March madness” became “let me see what Gary view is before I decide my trading strategy”, so really “Chapeau! ” to you & the quality you deliver.”  -Alexandru R  8.5.20

“tx for all your hard work (fun?). we are having a great week!!!!”  -John H  8.5.20

“Hi Gary – I was on the monthly plan and decided to pay annually. Thanks again for the great content. It’s very much appreciated!”  -Jon A  8.2.20

Hey Gary…..just a quick note to say thanks! My trading has improved markedly since I began my subscription and I owe a lot of the credit to you. I have learned so much by observing your process as well as the thoughts and reasoning that accompany that process. Your honesty, humor and candidness are a the perfect complement to your skilled technical analysis. Best newsletter ever!”  -George Z  7.28.20

“Just love your work on Gold and Silver!”  -Nita V  7.25.20

“Gary, this morning’s protected post “On The Verge . . . ” is really well written and very clear. Helps me find some clarity among confusing cross-currents. Thank you — very helpful.”  -Tom M  7.24.20

“I’m sitting on some 30% of unrealized gains, plus a 3% return on realized trades, net. That 3% is lousy, but the 30% is a first for my total portfolio. Some very large part of this is due to your tutelage. Thank you.”  -R.D. 7.23.20 (a professional mutual fund manager)

“Thanks much for your service. I learn something new from you all the time.”  -Kevin M  7.17.20

“Excellent update on copper-gold-silver charts this morning. Straight forward with your thoughts clearly expressed. Makes it easy (and quick) to factor in the current status of these metals with our personal trading decisions for today. You have done a great job of making your service valuable to us new subscribers. Thanks! Safe travels!”  -Dennis D  7.16.20

“Another excellent report Gary. Seems like a lot at 57 pages, but actually, all relevant and necessary.”  -Frederick L  7.12.20

“BTW, I have been noting your very adept assessments in your weekly reports this year. That is not luck; rather hard work in discerning the weight of probabilities on different outcomes, plus good calls on specific stocks given their technical set ups. Well done too on seeing the “paradigm shift” as Armstrong is calling it. Well, there I explain why I am happy to keep the relationship afoot.”  -Andrew C  7.9.20

“Your COVID-19 portfolio tilt has been picking up on this outperformance nicely. (great work BTW. I enjoy reading everything you send through).”  -John D  7.8.20

” Appreciate the quick response. I’m really enjoying my membership to NFTRH keep up the great work.”  -Jared S  7.1.20

“Yes, I confirm. You are a champ, really appreciate it. Value is so good, and so on point what I care about, that I had to extend. :-)”  –Tim S  6.19.20

“Good morning Gary. I have been a subscriber for several months now and I am thoroughly happy with all you do! Last weeks extended, detailed report was excellent and much appreciated.”  -Mike A  6.15.20

“Glad I joined! Honest, realistic appraisal of market condition.”  -Raphael D  6.13.20

“Glad to be a client of yours….. great calls lately. Thanks”  -Werner N  6.12.20

“Hi Gary, How do I upgrade from monthly to annual subscription? I really like your style very much. My profit in CWEB.TO can pay for the services, thank you.”  -Roger L  5.28.20

“Gary- Many thanks as always for your great subscription service!”  -Stephen K  5.26.20

“I do really appreciate your insight on the market, and very much appreciate the insight on some of the stocks you personally have regard for and invest in.”  -Tom R  5.18.20

I am a new subscriber, I have to say that I really appreciate your service. Your point of view is unique and engaging.”  -Davide C  4.29.20

“Keep up the good work Gary. I have subscribed to numerous newsletters through the years and yours is by far THE best and has paid for itself many times over. I wouldn’t change a thing. Great job!”  -George Z  4.26.20

“I’ve been a subscriber for a few months. TGIF and finally got a minute to write and say thanks for all your work. Your index ratios are outstanding. I can tell from your writing that you really enjoy it. That makes it easier, but is still a lot of work. I just want to pass along a word of thanks.”  -David P  4.24.20

“Your service has been the best value for money I’ve seen, much thanks again, and I think you’ll have a lot more people thanking you in 2-3 years time not letting them drop gold off their radar for the wrong reasons during these past years.”  -Sami S 4.14.20

“Gary, I thought your “Opening Notes” was exceptional this morning. Well done.”  -Tom M  4.5.20

“Hello Gary, It’s time for you to send me the bill for another year of your excellent work!”  -André D 4.4.20

“Good work on the newsletter in these wild times by the way! It’s appreciated.”  -Robert G  3.26.20

“What a wild ride lately… Thanks for busting your ass for us all lately. As always, you’re the only reason I can handle being in this game.”  -Tom A  3.25.20

“595 was great.  Keep up the good work.  Especially liked the brief detour away from typical format into observations and implications about future long term changes which may be starting.”  -Rob R  3.23.20

“Hi Gary, I am a long-time Canadian subscriber who really appreciate all the hard work you do – thank you.”  -Anton N  3.19.20

“Hi Gary,I’ve been a very happy subscriber for over a year. I’ve actually enjoyed reading you since the mid-to-late 2000s on 24hGold but I didn’t get too involved in the investment/gold game until a couple years ago. I can firmly state you are most definitely the best subscription I have had. You’ve proven to me over and over that you have the right ideas on gold nailed and have clearly contrasted the deflationist vs . inflationist view on gold.”  -Mo E  3.17.20

“Hi Gary, Just wanted to check in and say hello. Thank you for all the great posts and info. It’s a wonderful thing. I’m so glad I did the trial. I told my amazing wife I’m subscribing to another report (Mark at IKN is the other), and she was not overly enthused, it’s a stretch for us, but she supports my continuing education. It’s the only two I’ll ever need anyway. Hope I use the info wisely! haha”  -Marco G  3.17.20

“Interesting times these days – great comments/ insights from your end as usual.”  -Reiner J  3.17.20

“Hi Gary, I’ve been a subscriber for about 1.5 years and I really have come to value your service. This week, and your updates have been especially helpful in helping me see the signal in the noise (if that is a good analogy). Keep up the great work, I always look forward to my sunday evening read.”  -Scott L  3.13.20

“Really appreciate all the work you put in. Amazing output, plus the quality is top-notch.”  -Reinier D  3.9.20

“I really like how you are handling the trade log and in day notes now. I think it’s better this way.”  -Tom M  3.6.20

“You do excellent work.”  -Paul D  3.5.20

“Thank you for your fantastic analysis. Worth every penny and then some!”  -Ryan M  3.3.20

“Great Piece [NFTRH 592].”  -Michael C  3.1.20

“You have a great service.”  -Vagish G 3.1.20

“This is an excellent note!”  -Francois G  2.28.20

“Thank you Gary … for helping me stay the course.”  -Yvette C  2.26.20

“Great, timely update Gary.”  -Fred L  2.26.20

“Love your stuff.”  -Nita V  2.23.20

“Your newsletter has been a great help to me. It has improved my patience ten fold and forced me to think about things that hurt my brain. Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing some of your favorite music.”  -Aaron R  2.20.20

“Many thanks for your great services.”  -Barry D  2.17.20

“Gary, I do appreciate your service and find it useful for this perma-bear [at least for the last decade] to avoid doing so many stupid things. Let me know when my subscription must be renewed.”  -Steve H  1.31.20

“Gary, this [NFTRH587] is excellent. What the heck did you do before starting this newsletter?! It takes a lot of skill to put this together.”  -Reinier D  1.27.20

“I am a happy subscriber and I hope you will remain investing and writing your reports and updates for years and take me on the journey ;-)”  -Mark K  1.27.20

“Much thanks again Gary, yours is the constant voice of reason amid the noise.”  -Sami S  1.10.20

“Day to day, week to week, balance and profit taking — this has been working like a charm. Thanks again for all your hard work.”  -Tom A  1.8.20

“Hey Gary…I’m a new subscriber and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your service and commentary. I’m a long time trader/investor with a bent toward technical analysis. I’m just getting back into a more active trading mode after some time off. Thanks to you I’ve already paid for my subscription many times over!”  -George Z  1.7.20

“I always enjoy reading your great newsletter!”  -Jeroen M  1.6.20

“Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and yours Gary! I am still digesting the last two reports and getting familiar with the layout/sections. So far, my only regret is that I didn’t subscribe earlier. Thank you!”  -Yvette C  12.24.19

“Excellent commentary analysis as always. This is why I love subscribing to your newsletter. Just wanted to point out a tiny typo “time to became a raging bull” become not became.”  -Ryan M  12.18.19 [note: I had already caught the hideous typo and changed on the original post :-)]

“Happy Holidays Gary. I appreciate your work through the year and I hope you have a great time with family and friends in the days to come.”  -Scott L  12.18.19

“Love this service.”  -David C  12.12.19

My annual message: Thanks for making such a great newsletter. I can’t believe how much better you made it this year.”  -Joe F  12.11.19

“Dear Gary, I’m a subscriber of your letter for some months now and I appreciate your work very much. I read a lot of other stuff too, but your letter is the only one I’m willing to pay for.”  -Stephan K  11.17.19

“I’m back in Amsterdam tomorrow night and will definitely be renewing. I don’t bother you with a bunch of email spam, but I am super impressed with the service, really outstanding. Always level headed and insightful.  The addition the of mid week updates a while back was a great little extra too.  So thanks very much, couldn’t be more happy.”  -Richard W  10.28.19

“Your work is thorough and your analysis is flawless. I have very much enjoyed the benefits of your insight all these years.”  -Lorenzo L  10.16.19

“I love your service and speed in resolving any problem.”  -Otto N  10.7.19

“Thanks for your great work.”  -Peter K  10.7.19

“I admire your work and the photo of the market you make every week and I really [appreciate] the way you explain and the way you think. I experience that as coaching and thats a good thing I believe.”  -Mark K  9.18.19

“By the way, I have especially enjoyed your work this year, and while you do not hesitate to report your miscues, you have been remarkably accurate. Been a big help to me. Thanks again for your “is what it is””  -Gary F  9.15.19

“Thanks for the post today and it was a good reminder.  I have learned to control my emotions (somewhat) over the last year reading your posts, NFTRH newletter and following your TA.  Usually I would be fully invested in Gold and Silver stocks and be down quite a bit with this correction.  I rationally looked at the market and my stocks and took a lot off the table around GDX 30.50 and then finally when it spiked to 31.”  -Eric M  9.13.19

“Following your advice (and Steve Saville who suggested the same move at about the same time), back in may i bought 110 SLV calls, january 2021, $18. I didn’t bother to make the calculation, but on paper profits, i guess my subscription to NFTRH is paid for the next 50 years…. Thanks to you. I love the sound of crickets…

Made a typo error: it’s 320 SLV calls in total, 2021, $18. Subscription paid for 75 years.”  -Francois G  9.4.19

“Thanks so much for this morning’s update. With life and work getting in the way (and all the noise out there trying to confuse) these updates are worth your subscription price alone. Your calm and clear headed approach is essential for me to even attempt to be in this crazy game! Keep up the good — and invaluable — work.”  -Tom A  8.20.19

“Gary your way of thinking about the markets and your very comprehensive analysis is some of the best I’ve found anywhere on the internet.”  -Ryan M  7.30.19

“Your “I Human” post exemplifies one of the reasons I subscribe — you keep it real. Thank you.”  -Tom M  7.24.19

“Always enjoy your report and insights.”  -Scott L  7.23.19

“Anyway, also wanted to say thanks for all your hard work that has made the last couple of weeks so much fun — and profitable.”  -Tom A  7.20.19

“Hi Gary, I really enjoy your service and love your pragmatism in your process. I use several services in my investing process and yours is one of the important pieces in this.”  -John D  6.24.19

“Thanks so much, Gary.   I think I’m going to take some partial profit, hang in there with the rest and look for dips.  At least that’s what I’m thinking now.  You are a very good guy to take the time for a thoughtful response.  I’m sure you get lots of this kind of thing. Looking forward to what you have to say in this week’s report.”  -Tom M  6.22.19

“Gary, Fyi, You do a fantastic job.  Keep up the great work. New work commitment doesn’t afford me the time to spend reading all your material.”  -Scott D  6.12.19 (upon ending subscription)

“Thanks for the great subscription service, you’re underpricing it for sure!”  -Sami S  5.24.19

“Hi Gary, check enclosed for subscription renewal. Thanks for another year of great service!”  -Stephen K  5.19.19

“I really am looking forward to the next year/few years in the markets and even more appreciate having your analysis and insights.”  -George P  5.14.19

“Gary I’m a subscriber and love your work. [a specific email request follows] Thanks. Keep up the great work you do!”  -Tom M  5.11.19

“The more I read thru previous issues the more I am impressed with your work.”  -Lalitha P  5.5.19

“I feel your news letter is excellent.”  -Steven D  4.29.19

“Thanks, Gary. Yes, the original report showed up about 20 minutes after my email. Thanks for being so responsive….. great report, by the way.”  -Werner N  4.28.19

“This is the kind of stuff [an NFTRH update on 3/28] that puts you on top of the heap Gary. Thanks.”  -Fred L  3.28.19

“Thank you I would pay an extra to have daily updates like this everyday, it clears my head.”  -Ida P  3.28.19

“Thanks for the great work.”  -Mike S  3.25.19

“Hi Gary, I’ve been a subscriber for a few months and I have really appreciated your work and approach. It has helped me think in a bigger picture and so far, helped my investing strategy quite a bit. Thanks!”  -Scott L  3.17.19

“First of all, your reports are great! Thank you so much :-)… ”  -Jörg A  3.3.19

“Hi Gary, I stayed short INGN for months based largely on your insight into the high-tech (not) world of oxygen generators [concentrators -gt], and also from being around elderly relatives using these things.  The short finally paid off.  Thanks for that.”  -Mike M  3.3.19

“Thanks for your honesty and following the data as opposed to your ego.”  -Michael U  2.4.19

“I am enjoying your analysis a lot, I am so happy I started my subscription a few month[s] back. It really helps me keep track on important technical levels in the market.”  -Jesper U  1.31.19

“Thanks for the heads up. Love your work.”  -Terry F  1.18.19

“Thanks for the great work throughout the year, I read your report weekly and love it.”  -Nick Z  1.10.19

“Thanks for navigating this period. Well done.”  -David C  1.5.19

“Gary, I am liking your work. Is it possible to change from monthly to annual… ?” -Tim T  1.4.19 (new subscriber)

“Have greatly enjoyed reading your analysis reports and while I’m still a novice on TA, do feel I am managing my investments better. Many thanks and Happy New Year!  -Pedro M  1.1.19

“I appreciate your newsletter and am glad I subscribed. Your writing style is awesome and you break things down super clearly…. Happy New year!”  @milesbeckler  12.31.19

“Gary writes the best newsletter out there. Last week’s was so damn crisp and clean. If you don’t subscribe and have one of the sharpest minds out there draw pictures and narrate a hella good story, well, you’re missing out. True story.”  @that_grey_beard  12.31.18

“Your macro analysis has played a very large part in my decision-making, and I thank you for it.”  -Dirk T  12.21.18

“Hi Gary, Thank you for NFTRH and BIIWII.

I would probably have destroyed my retirement account by now without your service. My journey to some slight bit of investing intelligence began by losing my ass on paid pump whores at XXXXXXXXXX and some other garbage before I realized that those who proclaim near certain great gains are pure BS.

Mark Turner’s hard line on mining scams at IKN led me to the light at NFTRH. Probabilities based analysis. No guarantees, just relentless analysis of the trends , with underlying sentiment and fundamentals.”  -Mike S  12.20.18

“I’m an irregular reader of other opinions on mining and markets, but there are only two newsletters that I read every edition, come what may. One is Gary Tanashian’s ‘Notes From The Rabbit Hole’ (12), which gets frequent mention on these pages due to his unbeatable macro-coverage services and impressively ego-free, insightful eye. The other is Exploration Insights (13). I often find myself agreeing with their viewpoints but definitely not all the time (and when it comes to difference of opinions, both they and I have had the last laugh on different subjects over the years), but my stars when they say something you’d be daft not to listen (and you’d better have a good reason to oppose them). Joe/Brent and Gary are both best of breed newsletter writers, I cannot recommend them too highly.”  Inca Kola News  12.9.18

“Hi Gary, first of all I am now following your weekly reports and updates for half a year or something, and it is something I look out for. I see you more as a coach than as a [distant] newsletter writer. Thank you very much, its really fun.”  –Mark K  12.5.18

“I love your product.”  –Sanjay M  11.20.18

“Your analysis is so thorough that it’s a bit daunting for me but that’s no excuse not to learn. I hope to learn a lot from you over the next year.”  –Giles D  10.29.18

“Thanks again, Gary, for all you do. I really look to you to keep me in the long-term mindset. That is invaluable to me.”  –Michael B  10.28.18

“I just had a read of your weekly report, its superb! Thanks for taking the time to put it together each week.”  –Nicholas Z  10.28.18

“Your issue No. 522 was terrific Gary – especially valuable under the circumstances; I get a lot of value out of your work. Especially . . . You keep me patient As the world Turns. Thanks for staying firm on the TA as it applies to the macro, and to the Precious Metals.”  –Harold C  10.23.18

“My credit card info changed sorry I’m signing up again right away. You’re insights are invaluable!”  –Ryan M  10.22.18

“Thanks for your great service. As I mentioned last year, our investing strategies are different, but I rely on you for the most thorough and comprehensive view of the markets that I am aware of. Plus yours is completely devoid of ego and personal bias. I wish I had known of NFTRH in an earlier era when I was under the sway of the precious metals pumpers. Best regards”  –CPM  9.5.18

“I am a new subscriber and initially signed up for the monthly plan. I am really enjoying your analysis and would like to renew with the annual plan.”  –Scott C  8.30.18

“I LOVE this newsletter.”  –Ida P  [new sub] 8.23.18

“Thanks for your great service, I really appreciate to read your weekly reports (but wished I’d followed your advice more often in practice) :). I pay by the month currently but like to switch to a yearly subscription.  –Hans B  8.19.18

“Gary, I really appreciate your updates of the past couple of days. Very timely and informative as always.”  –William M  8.15.18

“Kudos Brother.”  –Drew M  8.15.18

“Thanks again! Keep up the good work!!!!”  –Keith R  8.14.18

“You [are] brilliant. Thanks.”  –Chuck C  8.12.18 [hard working but far from brilliant — GT]

“Thanks Gary. Your work has been outstanding. Much appreciated!”  –James S  8.10.18

“Up to your usual high standards. Thanks Gary.”  –Fred L  8.6.18

“Really enjoy your writing. It is a great balancer for me and I appreciate your ability to be re-balanced by what you see and the feedback you get!”  –David C  8.5.18

“PS I liked the summary report this AM!”  –Rich C  6.21.18

“Hi Gary, Thanks for the great job keeping us in the loop on the ongoing macro view. It helps me put things in their respective context with one another and thus not so much of a mish-mash of disorganized puzzle pieces.”  –RTC  6.10.18

“Hi Gary, Thanks for the link.  I have tried to sign up 3 times now. I think it is a paypal issue. I really do enjoy and use your excellent analysis.”  –John B  6.9.18 [existing subscriber after involuntary PP cancellation]

“Hi Gary, just a note from a grateful subscriber to say how much I like your new format. It always seemed like a lot of work for you to be posting and e mailing etc.”  –Renee S  5.27.18

“Congrats on the milestone [NFTRH 500] Gary. Not the volume that is impressive but the consistent quality.”  –Frederick L  5.21.18

“Gary, Congratulations on reaching your 500th edition. Have only been with you for about half that journey, but appreciate the quality and honesty of the content/analysis. Gradual and progressive improvement is the assured quality approach. Please keep up the good work.”  –Andrew C  5.21.18

“On the occasion of your 2.5 millionth word, I’d like to compliment you on the quality and style of your newsletter. It is extraordinarily well-written and readable, qualities that seem to be in short-supply among newsletter writers these days. As the former executive editor of my law school’s law review, and later an occasional editor of the [omitted by request, but very notable], I value good writing, and thank you heartily for yours.”  –James S  5.20.18

“I want you to know that in my opinion – and based on my needs – the fine tuning of your reports and mid-week updates have been great and certainly have meat on them. I find the real time updates the most helpful of all that great stuff you put out.”  –Werner N  5.15.18

“BTW I really enjoy your work.”  –Terry F  5.10.18

“You are doing [a] great job. I like the common sense approach to the market. I did short INGN yesterday. I think it just paid for the annual subscription. Thank you.  –Duke M  5.2.18

“I must say that I appreciate very much the way you are opening my eyes.”  –Mark K  4.26.18

“Gary: #496 is most useful; I have read 3 times and still learning.”  –Tom D  4.23.18

“Gary, Just a note to say Thanks for the timely update.”  –RTC  4.23.18

“I’m in for another year so you can send me the bill. I love your work!”  –André D  4.15.18

“Thanks for all your hard work. Please change subscription to an annual. You are helping me keep my perspective from being firmly up my posterior.”  –Duke M  4.9.18

“Interesting report today – enjoyed reading your assessments of market direction.”  –Rich C  4.8.18

“On a positive note, excellent NFTRH492, futures spiking, gotta love stop hunts.”  –Scott R  3.26.18

“Hi Gary, Thank you for the emphasis on balance, and patience.  I am not really making money at the moment,  but not losing it either…  small gold position, small short  position,  watching the market bounce about with patience while waiting for the trend to emerge.  Something I never could have done a year, or even 6 months ago.”  –Mike S  3.23.18

“Keep up the good work, it is quite impressive and always enjoyable to read.”  –Paul D  3.15.17

“Great update. Thanks.”  –Charles C  2.7.18

“Gary, Excellent update, timely & helpful.”  –Peter R  2.6.18

“Hi Gary, Outstanding Analysis !!  This report [actually an in-week update] is why I subscribe to you. Fast, concise, accurate, and very informative. Thank you very very much!”  –John B  2.6.18

“Hi Gary. Damn, you had it nailed one week ago but we were in a different space so did not see it. Shows you how a worldview and market emotion can affect our sense of judgement. I am sure you previously said Pa/Au ratio was a good indicator of the markets? Anyway, keep up the great work.”  –Neil R  2.6.18

“Hi Gary, Thanks for the reports that you send through, they are very interesting.”  –Nick Z  2.1.18

“I appreciate all the work you do.”  –Don H  1.30.18

“Yes, I’d like to receive the e-mails, always enjoyable. Thank you for helping my gold-buggery-recovery.”  –Patrick B  1.28.18

“Your writings Gary Tanashian – i.e. your TA interpretations – help to keep me on that track of acting in accordance with what the market is telling us all . . . if we know how to listen, or subscribe to someone who does.”  –Harold C  1.26.18

“By the way I really enjoy your weekly report and other timely updates. Keep up the good work.”  –Kirby A  1.13.18

“Thank you – you do a great job!”  –Russell S  1.9.18

“Just to let you know that I have been in this (hedge fund) business for almost 30 years and your research is second to none. You are a superb strategist. And I have seen many. You have your models (The Three Amigos.., et al) and your chart reading abilities are fairly convincing… That elevates you many miles above the standard gold bug service and others… :-)

You should work as a strategist in a big fund. Although I understand your “big boyz“ aversion… That’s why I run my own business too. Enjoy 2018!”  –Erwin G., Berlin Germany  1.4.18

High praise, considering the source: My Secret Weapon  IKN  1.2.18

“Happy Holidays to you and your family! I have subscribed to NFTRH for years now. You are always a breath of fresh air, telling the truth as you see it. I am grateful to God that I found your advice.”  –John B  12.24.17

“I can only imagine how busy you are running the business you have at the high level of service quality you do.”  –Michael B  12.20.17

“I read all of your analysis and conclusions, even on those sectors which are not my key priorities…  it is all grist for my mill, as I learn and orient myself to the big picture. I want, and appreciate, the whole enchilada.”  –Harold C  11.27.17

“I don’t think you have to do all the work showing the justifications for your conclusions, no need to kill your self – but then, I trust you, and so will anyone who follows you for a while.”  –Fred L  11.26.17

“Keep up the good work, these reports [have] kept me sane in the crazy market.”  –Arvind C  11.26.17

“FWIW, I like your service mainly because it makes me look at the entire investing universe even though I like to focus on just a couple of industries.”  –Douglas D  11.13.17

“I appreciate all your hard work and weekly bulletins! Great stuff.”  –Rich C  11.4.17

“Hi Gary, I recently subscribed to your NFTRH premium service and I am really enjoying it so far. I was hoping to also opt into the NFTRH+ (trade set-ups) service. If you could add me to that it would be much appreciated.”  –Jason P  11.1.17

“Hi Gary, you are so fast in responding… that’s [really] professional! So I very much appreciated it to have business with you.  –Achim H  11.1.17

“Btw, you do great work.”  –Nigel B  10.23.17

“While your investing modus is different than mine, I have come to rely on your market acumen for its honesty, thoroughness, and absence of bias.”  –C.P. M  10.16.17

“Gary, thanks for the great work.”  –Chris C  10.1.17

“A+ Report today, Gary. I’m signing on past my [intro] month. Thanks for concise and actionable interpretations you contain herein.”  –Michael B  9.24.17

“You are absolutely fucking killing everything. Great job.”  –Joe F  9.19.17

“Love your stuff.. just keep it under 100 pages. You still [have] 29 before the alarm sounds.”  –Brian K  9.17.17

“Thanks a lot. Quite honorable of you.  That makes it much easier to come back when I’m back in the markets.  BTW – yours [is] the very first newsletter that I have ever thought worthy to subscribe.  And I’ve been in markets for 25+ years.  Well done!”  –Mark L  9.16.17

“Gary, thanks for the mid-week analysis. You are a true professional and I can’t imagine there’s a better service out there.”  –Stan L  9.14.17

“Anyway, Gary, thanks for your hard work, good calls, great mid-week updates and good sense of humor.”  –Werner N  9.13.17

“Solid level headed approach, I appreciate that.”  –Mark K  8.29.17

From a former subscriber (after moving on for personal reasons) who kindly sent a formal testimonial about NFTRH…

“I could write much more but I felt it was better if I just focused on one thing.

There are many good things that I can say about Gary’s Notes, but I found the most striking and useful aspect to be his focus on staying objective and being cognizant of his biases. It is all too easy for one to put the blinders on and see the world the way one wants to see it, rather than the way it is. I am guilty of this myself on many occasions; however, I noticed that after subscribing to Notes I was more patient with my trades and grounded in my investment philosophy. The broad media does a fantastic job of injecting a great amount of mania and panic into our minds, showing us patterns that don’t really exist, and tugging at our subconscious biases. Gary’s Sunday morning report is always a welcome sight in my inbox to give me a fresh and level-headed perspective on the markets and the issues affecting them. I recommend without reservation Gary’s service, especially to anyone who manages their own portfolio.”  –Joshua R  8.27.17

“Thanks as always for your great and steady work… ”  –Stephen M  8.13.17

“Hi Gary, Kudos on your work this week.  For example, Make Way for Uncle Buck is a masterpiece and I’ll refer back to it quite a few times in the coming month.   I’m feeling highly unconfused at the moment!”  –Michael M  7.28.17

“Thanks for all you do my first report was amazing!”  –Michael T  6.26.17

“Great letter this week. Super interesting and insightful. Seriously. Well done!”  –Rick K  6.18.17

“As an accomplished TA, you probably don’t etch your targets in concrete. If I’m not mistaken, you rode the Semis significantly above your original target placed over a year ago. The challenge, I suppose, is to not mix – or confuse – your target-raising TA considerations with that oh-too-human element of greed – I doubt that you have that problem. Face it … yours was a great call!”  –Harold C  6.7.17

“Thank you for your informative and educational newsletter. I would like to change my monthly subscription to annual. Your work is helping this novice investor begin to understand the market a little and stop chasing the bounces, and buying into downtrends… I have finally tuned out the “analysts” who are merely promoting worthless schemes. I needed a larger (and honest) perspective, which you have provided.”  –Mike S  6.4.17

“Thanks again for all your help Gary and such prompt attention.  And most definitely enjoying your updates and your style of writing and analysis.”  –Chris W  5.30.17

“IHI – I think this is one of the hidden value add type views/calls that NFTRH had that no one else did.”  –Joe F  5.24.17

“Fyi I subscribed to [name withheld] Deliberations for many years. It was a good read but [he] was so conservative that he never really gave you much actionable advice – more of a look back, not forward. I enjoy your work as it combines historical trends with forward-looking ideas. I also subscribe to Bob Hoye/Ross Clark’s Institutional Advisors. It is a bit more arcane, but it is a good compliment to your work. Plus Hoye’s opinions on anthropogenic global warming are very entertaining.”  –Michael C  3.30.17

“Funny thing is, I really look at the trades you throw out there as an added bonus, and not the reason I subscribe- I think your overall analysis is the best out there…..just my .02”  –Dirk T  3.21.17

“Thanks Gary. That is very helpful to my decision making.”  –D.J. D.  3.9.17

“Great newsletter. I am not much of a trader so some of trade info is a bit outside of my cozy little comfort zone. However, I truly value [and] relate to a broad-based, macro, Global Market perspective based on technical analysis and I believe your newsletter helps me keep the S.S Retirement Fund away from the icebergs.”  –Kirk R  3.3.17

“I was a Portfolio Manager at  various banks during my career – so I am fairly knowledgeable about the markets – and your work is on par with many of the best strategists!”  –Rich C  2.26.17

“Thanks as always for your mental clarity.”  –Bret M  2.24.17

“Thanks, and I love your service.”  –Tom M  2.24.17

“Thanks for all of your updates! Very much appreciate the ongoing valuable insights.”  –Stan L  2.14.17

As a sign-off to an email… “Your subscriber who would be better of doing what you say rather than just listening to what you say”  –Doug D  2.13.17

“Yes, I do want to renew (at the original rate). I have been reducing my investment-related subscriptions somewhat lately, but yours is one of the few that is objective, well-written, and consistently useful. So please send me the link to renew!”  –Jim S  2.12.17

“I will be back for a yearly subscription in the next month or two.  Going on vacation without internet access and looking forward to coming back refreshed.  Love your insightful service!”  –Kyle J  2.7.17

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“Re: $SOX. Gary, Great call here…..from your most recent fan.”  –Jay F  7.8.16

“Hey Gary, Thanks for all the hard work you do.  Looks like the inflation trade is on.  Definitely at the party, but as usual, hanging out by the door! Always the risk manager (I’m an advisor running discretionary ETF tactical models for clients)…”  –Rich K  7.1.16

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“I have to say some of your themes are similar, although your funda, TA, and money management approach is far superior to his [another subscription service] let the stop-loss take you out if he is wrong or early.” –Joe S 6.24.16

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“Just a short note to say many thanks for your email, the speed and thoroughness of you reply was excellent. Equally your recent post regarding the COT has arrived via email from NFTRH to remind me yet again ‘let the market come to oneself’, there is no need to chase it. Apologies if I sound too gushing but your stewardship of NFTRH is quite remarkable.”  –Gus K  2.27.16

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“Always good, but this week seems exceptionally excellent. You must love this stuff, because it seems difficult to me to keep objective, balanced track of it all; and I think you do it well.”  –Gary F  1.18.15

“Anyway your big picture view is the best out there and I really appreciate your brilliance!! You have taught me so much.” –Chuck C 1.4.15

Many more testimonials going back to Q4 2008.