NFTRH maintains premium chart package subscriptions with and TradingView in order to have the full range of Technical Analysis tools available in our virtual toolbox. This includes all-important ratio (macro indicator) charts, nominal charts of stocks, indexes and virtually any publicly traded asset.

There is no one-size-fits-all in TA, with far too many tools available for any one chartist to use effectively. As Stockcharts founder John Murphy once said you take what works for you and leave the rest. In other words, TA is fully customizable to individual style. As a side joke, and as a TA, I came up with this shtick to keep myself more humble among a group (TAs) that includes too many people trying to scare or titillate other people with charts (in my opinion). It’s a tool, not the be all, end all!

Some of the most important tools in our TA toolbox include Support/Resistance, Moving Averages (and the trends they indicate). Simple stuff. Chart Patterns are considered when these readily identifiable aspects are married with momentum indicators like RSI and MACD and trends and support/resistance areas. Using these simple tools, probabilities are refined for certain outcomes. That’s especially true when combined with NFTRH’s other aspects, like macro and sentiment/psychology.