Interview with JRB on Stocks, Gold, Commodities, Yield Curve, etc.

Thanks to Jordan for another opportunity to talk too much (about stocks, gold, commodities and what have you)

By the way, I confused myself early on when talking about the yield curve. So many moving parts to the yield curve. I should have noted during inflation money leaves L/T bonds faster than S/T bonds. I implied the opposite. FYI. Other than that it’s probably okay (have not finished listening).

Stock Market Rally Could Morph Into Commodity Rally Before Downturn

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  1. Betty Cinq-Mars

    WONDERFUL Gary thank you

    1. Gary

      My pleasure, Betty. Thank you.

  2. Bart

    Great interview. Gary knows how to give you the range of possibilities out there. Jordan does a great job too, is great analyst too.

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