Live commodity prices and nice charts for reference

Trading Economics is apparently much more than an economics stats aggregator

I was looking for a good measure of the Lithium price, as I don’t trust the chart of Li futures available at TradingView (it seems dead in the water). I actually found a useful (and time frame adjustable) Lithium chart and so much more at a website I’ve had linked for years, TradingEconomics. You might want to keep an eye on the links page because I keep some very useful and diverse stuff on there.

The dog gone page had what I needed but instead I found the Lithium chart by Googling for it. Duh.

Under the ‘Markets’ menu (TE link above) they provide live prices, charts and data on stocks, bonds, crypto and… commodities, which I find very helpful. I was looking at a bombed out Lithium producer that has filled a downside gap I’ve been watching and wanted a chart of the Lithium price. Here we get the price and just as importantly, it’s trend. That would be up.

lithium price chart

Here is what the grid of red and green flashing commodity prices looks like. Each one yields a chart like the above when clicked.

Commodity prices

Thought it might be helpful to publicize this. If you’re like me, you can never have enough worthwhile data or sources for it.

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  1. Bill L

    Have used this page before, mainly for Iron Ore and noticed the chart and live price always differ and are always delayed, don’t trust these completely.
    Bill L

    1. Gary

      Good to know, Bill. Thank you for the info.

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