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NFTRH+; USD and Silver

Checking in on the anti-market and the precious metals leader, USD and Silver USD (DXY) is creeping through the clear resistance area and ticking above the daily EMA 20, as…

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NFTRH+; Gold and Silver

Well, I have been all over the place with these two (especially silver), looking down, looking up (small inverted H&S pattern), down, up, down... You get the picture. I have…

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NFTRH+; favored plan for gold stocks

Gold stocks eye silver's leadership Silver's CoT is in decent shape. Silver has been leading gold. Silver is STILL leading gold despite the sector pullback/correction. In not having had a…

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Notes From the Rabbit Hole


NFTRH 753 Summary of NFTRH 753 and the macro situation leading up to it Gold The noise is rising. It's rising on Twitter. It's rising at the gold websites. It's…

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