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Want to see a bullish chart?

The 'inflation expectations' ETF is bullish The daily chart of RINF is, as currently situated, bullish having held the major daily uptrend (SMA 200), the intermediate daily trend (SMA 50)…

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NFTRH+; Inflation Expectations

In looking at the chart of the 'inflation expectations' ETF (RINF, top panel) I notice its similarity to the the TIP/IEF ratio (middle panel) and dis-similarity to the TIP/TLT ratio…

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“Gold and Inflation Expectations”

I don't want this website to be a place where one guy puts out his views and expects readers to agree with everything or even assume that the source is…

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Goldilocks Threatened

Give me an inflationary macro where we throw darts and all stupidly make big money. Give me a deflationary macro where we have to use strategy and specific themes in…

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Gold & Silver, Post-FOMC

There are crosscurrents in the futures this morning.  The US dollar is up, commodities and stocks are down and gold and silver are making new highs and attempting new highs,…

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Look Ma, No Inflation!

This is pretty handy at the moment, I'd say.  When there is "no inflation" (at least by gauges like this) that is the time that inflation can be promoted, eh?…

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The 3rd Horseman

Gold vs. Silver and USD have reversed downward today.  This would imply a whiff of an 'inflation trade' if it were to persist and lead to a break of the…

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