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NFTRH 366 Out Now & Available for Free

Do not subscribe to NFTRH! At least not yet, anyway... I am going to release it publicly for the first time in probably 5 years.  Coming at what is a…

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NFTRH 362 Out Now

As noted in the subscriber email that accompanied NFTRH 362: "NFTRH 362 trims back down to 22 pages, but makes a lot of points in those pages. In particular, despite…

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Using SPY for the US market and EEM for general Emerging Markets, I’d like to illustrate what I think may be in play on the short-term.

SPY shot up to the equivalent of our first S&P 500 target around 1980.  This was based on lateral resistance (not shown on the chart below) and a 50% Fib retrace.  We also have an ultimate potential upside (corrective) target equivalent to SPX 2040.  That is the thick red zone on the SPY chart below.


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NFTRH 357 Out Now

#357 is about road maps for the US stock market.  There is one road map for the immediate-term, one for the next 1-2 months and then another, which will be…

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NFTRH 354 (PDF add-on)

A 13 page add-on to the NFTRH 354 online edition was just emailed to subscribers.  Fills in some more color on what may look like an uninteresting backdrop, but what…

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NFTRH 354, Online Edition

A commitment has come up this weekend that will only allow me the time to review key points in NFTRH 354.  What a great opportunity to put more detail than usual in an update [edit: this has turned out to be NFTRH 354, with a PDF update to be mailed on Sunday].


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NFTRH 352 Out Now

We have had the pulse of the precious metals every step of the way.  We have mostly stayed on the right side of stock markets too.  We have indicators and…

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NFTRH 351 Out Now

I thought it would be significantly abbreviated to provide myself and subscribers some relaxation this fine summer weekend.  I thought wrong.  It was 27 pages (lots of graphics), all of…

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Multi-Market Update

Volatility.  It is what we expected and it is what we have with Tuesday’s big down and upward reversal, down hard again yesterday and today very green in pre-market.  This volatility applies to most assets markets including the precious metals.  It is the nature of the beast during a news-rich summer, with many operators on vacation or semi-vacation (with some players not able to resist peeking?).


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Broad Market Update

The summer correction came and it lasted exactly one day!

Well, that is hyperbole because what really happened was that a market that was sagging and losing momentum was shoved downward in one great, noise-filled plunge as some indexes reached initial support targets that we were noting.


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NFTRH 348 Out Now

A good report, as usual.  That may sound smug but #348 is another report helped me personally because as usual I don't go into these things so much trying to…

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Market Update FOMC, T-Minus 1 Day…

Roughly 24 hours before the latest great ‘decision’ gets handed down on whether or not the Fed is considering changing ZIRP-eternity any time soon I thought I’d put up a general update of various markets.

It is the same old theme for the S&P 500, with a sideways to up bias on the intermediate and slight downward bias on the short-term.  SPX is grinding up and down every couple days and this is a market that people should stand aside from, outside of individual trades and long-term orientations taken for other reasons.  This market is and has been going nowhere.



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NFTRH 343 Out Now

It is more important than usual to be fine tuned on exactly why the gold sector, rising as it is with the general 'anti-USD' trade, is different. We go into…

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