Global Stock Market Comparisons

Several weeks ago NFTRH added a Global Market Internals segment to go with its US Market Internals views. The latter is actually more comprehensive as it not only compares US…

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Updating Global vs. US Stocks

One of the charts from NFTRH's Market Internals segment keeps track of several global markets in relation to the US SPX (SPY). While some of these are constructive nominally, the…

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Global Stocks vs. U.S. Stocks

As part of NFTRH's Market Internals segment, we review the status of global markets vs. the S&P 500, just to see who's shaping up nicely and who isn't on a…

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NFTRH 415 Out Now

US Stock Market:  Trend is bullish, but other than the big display in the Semis last week and a bullish looking Tranny, most items remain below the key parameter we…

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Post-FOMC Market Update, Precious Metals, Stock Markets & Commodities

To little surprise FOMC rolled over again, uttering a few words about inflation being below target and riding off into the sunset until September 21.  Now there is a vacuum, policy wise, in which the market can operate.  I am sure that if/as the economy continues to firm or inflation signals start to manifest the usual jawbones will hit the microphone circuit, admonishing us that they stand guard, but the market seems to be marginalizing these policy making clowns where even just a year ago it was still entranced by them.


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Detailed Multi Market Update

The Semiconductor Equipment book-to-bill ratio for June came out last night and it remains solid.  While bookings eased a bit they remained elevated and billings were the highest since 2011.  So the question of whether this earnings season should be solid for Semi Equipment companies is answered; it should be because the April-June quarter was significantly better than Q1.


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NFTRH 404 Out Now

This week we chop 20 pages off of what had been the norm with the word density per chart/graphic much higher than usual.  A couple items needed to be discussed…

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NFTRH 403 Out Now

I'll skip the promo in favor of maybe releasing #403's slightly weird opening segment later on.  It's time to not only have your thinking caps on, but also your tin…

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NFTRH 398 Out Now

45 pages and not nearly as difficult to get through as that sounds.  Things seem very clear to me about what is going on with the macro backdrop.  The May…

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NFTRH 397 Out Now

Our doggie (Spike) back from his adventure, it was time to settle in and write a good, comprehensive report on the financial markets.  So I did; 40 clear and actionable…

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NFTRH 395 Out Now

41 pages to make a few simple points?  Well yes, a few simple, yet critical points and a whole lot of other perspective and updating of the whole global financial…

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NFTRH 385 Out Now

A whopping 49 pages and not nearly as difficult to digest as that sounds.  Lots of charts and graphics populate what I think is a very cohesive report managing multiple…

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NFTRH 382 Out Now

It's another week further into the macro backdrop that we have worked hard to anticipate for a long while now.  Anticipation is one (sometimes frustrating) thing, but 'actionable' is quite…

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NFTRH 380 Out Now

We have been on the bounce scenario and speaking as a bear on the intermediate trend, I say thank you Mr. Kuroda.  Everything, including clear as day analysis on the…

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