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NFTRH+; Commodity complex

We have been noting the downtrend in the broad commodity complex for nearly a year now (after watching its breakdown a year ago), under the weight of the hawking Fed,…

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Commodities not buying it

Commodity tracker DBC remains vulnerable And I remain short. As the stock market bounces and some outlier commodity segments also bounce, here is a conspicuous non-participant, as the "last inflated…

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NFTRH+; Bear flag

I went to my small trading account and was surprised to see it green today despite my short against DBC. TSLA is getting hammered on reduced sales projections. That leaves…

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Commodity tracker dunks below the SMA 200

Commodities are starting to crack Disclaimer: commodities are notorious for rotation, as if the hedgies, quants and black boxes are playing Whack-a-Mole, roving the landscape rotating to the next play…

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DBC short position covered

The commodity tracker is pulling back hard to the daily SMA 200 It's probably going lower, to or through the SMA 200, but the position was taken  in a small…

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Commodities… perfect

DBC is tanking and looking for a date with the SMA 200 "Commodity super cycle!" "Hyperinflation!" "Protect yourself! Buy gold, gold stocks, silver, oil and [gulp] copper!" "Fed has lost…

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Commodity consolidation

Commodity tracker DBC is in a symmetrical triangle Largely driven by its crude oil component, CRB tracker DBC's daily chart is taking the form of a symmetrical triangle, which is…

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NFTRH+; Today’s market

Quick pics and brief comments. SPX recovers to near an all-time high after a sentiment micro-twitch, NDX ticks a new high and SOX recovers above the SMA 50, regardless of…

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NFTRH+; Commodities

Let's back out all talk of fundamentals, inflation, broad market views, US dollar, etc. and simply view a chart. The commodities ETF (DBC) is in a bullish pattern by daily…

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Commodity Bounce Maturing?

Greetings from my vacation, where sometimes a little work goes hand in hand with relaxation. Commodities, led by oil, have bounced hard by daily charts, and while it does not…

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